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Special Reports
The 2022 Palestine Press Freedom Index  To Download  
  "MADA" issues a report on the Israeli arrests of journalists in Palestine   Download Report
    The 2019 Palestine Press Freedom Index   To Download
      Digital Rights in the Light of Emergency State 
MADA's Special Report: "Will the Palestinian Press Survive Corona?"   To download
Corona or Covid-19 epidemic was not the only serious virus that has spread around the world, as it has also been accompanied by a massive and rapid spread of rumors, false information and news. Hence, the false news and rumors are part of a larger epidemic
Activities and Events of the Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms "MADA" (2019)   download
Freedom of posting  and violations against journalists on social media sites  The Range of Violations is Growing   Download 
The 2018 Palestine Press Freedom Index Download        
  Special Report   The Occupation Attacks against female/male journalists while covering the peaceful return marches in Gaza Strip    To read the report  
  The Israeli Attacks against Media Freedoms in Jerusalem    (Special Report)   To read the report    
    “Administrative Detention of Palestinian Journalists” Special report   To read the Report