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Advocacy and support program


Through this program, MADA organizes awareness campaigns for journalists in particular and society swiss replica watches in general about journalists’ rights and the right of freedom of expression. In cooperation with its members and supporters MADA also launches pressure campaigns targetting local and national level decision makers to promote and defend journalists and freedom of expression. Through this program MADA has implemented the following activities:

1.   Launched media campaigns concerning the importance of freedom of opinion and expression.
2.   Organized three events on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.
3.   Organized media competitions for outstanding essays, reports, and campaign posters discussing and promoting freedom of expression.
4.   Initiated the establishment of the Coalition to Defend Freedom of Expression, which now includes 23 Palestinian civil organization members.
5.   Conducted a travelling photo exhibition of journalists under Israeli assault.
6.   Held meetings with decision makers, human rights and international organizations to promote the cause of freedom of opinion and expression.
7.   Participated in local and international conferences to disseminate the issues and realities of freedom of expression in the Palestinian territories on a global platform, particularly in the context of ongoing Israeli occupation violations.