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Media Development Program


This program aims to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills and professionalism of journalists and media institutions through several mechanisms:

1.   Issuing a specialized magazine on Palestinian media affairs with the allocation of space for Arab and international affairs.
2.   Encouraging specialized media by launching a website that focuses on news related to Palestinian security (
3.   Striving towards the establishment of a specialized media library through the comission of several studies. So far MADA has conducted and released the following studies: 'The right of access to information and its reality in Palestine’, 'The impact of violations on self-censorship on Palestinian media’, 'The impact of the Israeli blockade on media in the Gaza Strip’; and 'The relationship between new media and freedom of opinion and expression in Palestine: the Facebook model’

4.  Held meetings with local media outlets, journalists, and the journalists’ syndicate to discuss various issues that related to Palestinian media.