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Law Assistance Program


The legal assistance program aims to provide legal advice to journalists when they require defence council, prodive legal consultation visits for detained journalists to assess the conditions of their detention and ensure they receive fair treatment whilst in police or military custody. 


Through this program MADA implements the following activities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

1.   Providing legal advice to journalists.
2.   Defending them in court if necessary.
3.   Organizing workshops in West Bank and Gaza Strip communities to raise journalists' awareness of Palestinian and international laws relating to their profession, and augmenting their capacity to defend themselves.
4.   Producing and distributing a legal guide for journalists - the first initiative of its kind in the Palestinian territories – which outlines all local laws that relate to their profession.
5.   Launching media campaigns raising awareness of Article 19 of Palestinian Basic Law which guarantees freedom of opinion and expression.
6.   Organizing specialized training courses for lawyers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on freedom of opinion and expression and the laws that govern Palestinian media.