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Al-Rimawi, Director-General of "MADA" was selected as one of the champions of freedom of expression by the Deutsche Welle Academy

04/05/2018- The Deutsche Welle Academy, the leading German; international media development institution, has chosen Mousa Rimawi, Director General of MADA, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, as one of the "champions of freedom of expression in the world.


The Academy published an overview of Rimawi, and the achievements of the Center under his leadership, both locally and internationally.

The Center has become one of the most prominent civil society organizations working in the field of defending the freedom of expression and the development of the media at the local and regional levels, through its wide range of activities such as monitoring and legal support for journalists, organizing dozens of training workshops for journalists, media students, lawyers, In addition to launching local and international campaigns to defend the freedom of media, and to contribute effectively to create an appropriate legal environment for media freedom of action.


The Center enjoys broad international respect and credibility, due to its professionalism and independence, and also became a member of many international alliances and networks, moreover, the center was granted a special consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council and has made three oral interventions in the United Nations Human Rights Council, on freedom of expression.

 Al-Rimawi was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the World Forum for Media Development two years ago as the representative of MADA Center.


He was also elected by the University of Oxford last year as a member of the Advisory Committee for the UNESCO Report on international Trends for freedom of expression and the development of the media.


Al-Rimawi expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of MADA and the dedication of his staff and the Board of Directors headed by Dr. Ghazi Hanania, and the support of all the Friends of the Center and its local and international partners.