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On International Women's Day: MADA: 14 Palestinian female journalists have been martyred in Palestine since October 7th

Ramallah – March 9th, 2024 - On International Women’s Day, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” expresses its deep concern over the difficult and harsh conditions that Palestinian women are going through, which have become deeply rooted since the start of the war on Gaza Strip on the 10th of last October. MADA also expresses its concern over the high rate of violations against Palestinian female journalists, who constitute a major nucleus in revealing the truth by covering crimes committed against the Palestinian people in all regions.

On this occasion, MADA recalls the 17 Palestinian journalists who were killed at the hands of the occupation forces and authorities since 2000 until today, 14 of whom were martyred during the current war on Gaza Strip, which is still continuing today against Gaza Strip.

In addition to the martyred female journalists, during the past year, MADA documented attacks against 68 female journalists, most of which were committed by the occupation forces, and included physical violations, arrests, and other types of assaults that targeted female journalists during their field coverage of various events, in addition to the violations committed against some female journalists by blocking the publication of political content on social media sites.

MADA, which has been exposing violations against female journalists, raising their legal capabilities and digital rights, defending them in the courts and providing free legal consultations to them through MADA’s legal unit, confirms that it will continue to defend them, and demands that violations against them stop and those responsible be held accountable. It also demands an end to the policy of systematic arrests against them, the latest of which was the arrest of journalist BUSHRA AL-TAWEEL (30 years old) yesterday, Thursday, from her friend’s house, and the severe beating of her, noting that she had been arrested several times and spent years in detention.

As “MADA” extends its compliments to women in general and to female journalists in particular on International Women’s Day, it believes that the best honor for them is to stop the various violations against them, stop all forms of discrimination against them in the workplace, and enable them to assume leadership positions in the media.