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MADA: Israeli occupation crimes continue for the third month in a row and 31 journalists targeted with murder during December

Ramallah- 5th Jan. 2024. The Israeli occupation forces and authorities continued to commit their crimes against media freedoms in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip for the third month in a row.

MADA has documented a total of 90 violations against journalists and media freedoms during December, most of which were committed by the Israeli occupation, with a total of 84 violations, broken down into 43 violations committed in the West Bank and 41 violations committed in Gaza Strip, while social media committed 6 violations. For the second month in a row, MADA did not document any violations committed by the Palestinian authorities, neither in the West Bank nor in Gaza Strip.

These great numbers of violations are attributed to the Israeli war in Gaza Strip, which began last October and continues to this day. The Israeli occupation authorities continue to commit the most atrocious violations and crimes against Palestinian journalists and media freedoms, mainly represented by the killing of 31 journalists, bringing the number of journalists assassinated during this war alone to 103 journalists, and the number of journalist martyrs since the year 2000 has risen to 151 journalists.

Israeli violations:

The Israeli occupation forces and authorities committed a total of 83 violations during the month of December, representing 93% of all violations committed during the month, and the most violent and atrocious thereof is represented by the continued killings of journalists in Gaza Strip, where the number of martyrs of the media movement totaled to 31 journalists, who were targeted for media blackout and to prevent the rest of them from completing their media mission by reporting the unfortunate events and horrific crimes that are taking place to the rest of the world.

In addition to the above, the Israeli occupation forces physically assaulted 23 journalists, 18 of them in the West Bank and Jerusalem and 5 in Gaza Strip, 6 of whom were injured by live bullets or rubber bullets in various parts of their bodies. The Israeli occupation forces also arrested eight journalists, two of them in Gaza Strip, whose fate is unknown.

The Israeli occupation forces prevented three journalists from covering while targeting 11 journalists by preventing coverage by firing bullets and tear gas canisters. MADA documented the destruction of two media institutions in Gaza Strip, and an attempt to run over a journalist while covering in Jenin. Furthermore, the Israeli occupation warplanes bombed the house of journalist ANAS AL-SHARIF, which led to the martyrdom of his father.


Social Media Violations:

MADA documented a total of 6 violations committed by social media networks and companies against Palestinian content, broken down into two violations committed by META (restricting Facebook pages, deleting content, and deleting pages on Instagram), and one violation committed by TikTok by deleting a press page.


List of Martyrs Journalists during December


Journalist Name

Date of Martyrdom




Dec. 1st, 2023

Al-Aqsa TV



Dec. 1st, 2023

Doctor of Media



Dec. 2nd, 2023




Dec. 2nd, 2023

Sound technician



Dec. 3rd, 2023

Sports cameraman



Dec. 3rd, 2023

Anadolu Agency, formerly



Dec. 3rd, 2023

Quds Today



Dec. 4th, 2023

Magdat Rafah Media Network



Dec. 4th, 2023

Civil Defense Cameraman



Dec. 4th, 2023

Freelance journalist



Dec. 4th, 2023

Kanaan Agency



Dec. 4th, 2023

Sports cameraman



Dec. 8th, 2023




Dec. 9th, 2023

Oyoun Media Network



Dec. 11th, 2023

Russia Today



Dec. 13th, 2023




Dec. 13th, 2023




Dec. 15th, 2023

Al-Jazeera TV



Dec. 16th, 2023




Dec. 18th, 2023




Dec. 19th, 2023




Dec. 22nd, 2023

Buraq Radio



Dec. 22nd, 2023




Dec. 23rd, 2023




Dec. 23rd, 2023




Dec. 24th, 2023

Al-Ray Agency



Dec. 24th, 2023

Al-Ray Agency



Dec. 24th, 2023

Al-Ray Agency



Dec. 28th, 2023




Dec. 29th, 2023




Dec. 30th, 2023

Al-Quds TV


Details of violations:

(Dec. 1st) The Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of journalists by firing live ammunition at dawn on Friday in the town of Beitunia in Ramallah while covering the release of a number of prisoners as part of the seventh phase of the prisoner exchange deal.

According to the investigations of MADA field researcher, a group of journalists, including (the reporter of "Al-Irsal" Network, KARIM KHAMAYSA, and ODEH YOUSEF ODEH TV cameraman HATEM HAMDAN, were present at dawn on Friday, the first of December, in the town of "Beitunia" in the city of Ramallah to cover the release of prisoners under the seventh phase of the prisoner exchange deal.

The journalists were on the roof of one of the buildings composed of five floors to cover the incursion of the occupation forces into the town, where the occupation soldiers opened fire on the press crews after about fifteen minutes upon their presence at the place, despite the fact that the press crews were wearing their press uniforms and helmets and showing all signs indicating that  they are media professionals. They were shot directly, and the camera of journalist MOHAMMED AWAD, 36 years old, was hit, as he was covering for AFP, as a bullet broke the camera-mounted microphone. Then the journalist MOHAMMED AWAD stepped up to pull out the camera so that it would not be destroyed entirely, several minutes before the occupation army withdrew.


(Dec. 1st) TikTok Application deleted a number of videos from the page of WATAN TV presenter ABDEL FATTAH DOUli, on the pretext of violating the standards.


(Dec. 1st) Facebook Application, owned by META, suspended the instant messaging "Messenger" on the account of freelance journalist ASHWAQ AWAD, and restricted her account for a month under the pretext of violating posting and publishing standards. The Instagram Application, which is owned by the same company, also restricted access to her posts on her account.


(Dec. 1st) Journalist ABDULLAH DARWISH "ABU MOMEN" who  works for Al-Aqsa TV was killed, as well as journalist and media doctor ADHAM HASSOUNAH and a number of his family members as a result of the Israeli occupation bombing of their house in Gaza.


(Dec. 1st) The occupation army arrested the cameraman ALAA AL-SARRAJ from Salah Al-Din Street, south of Gaza City.


(Dec. 2nd) The photojournalist MUHAMMAD FARAJALLAH was killed in the Israeli bombardment of northern Gaza, as well as the sound technician MARWAN AL-SAWAF (30 years old) who was working during the Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip.

(Dec. 2nd) Facebook Application, owned by META, has restricted WATAN News Agency's page and followers can no longer access the Agency’s posts on the site.


(Dec. 3rd) The Israeli occupation police issued a fine of 1000 shekels against photojournalist MAHFOUZ ABU TURK on Sunday afternoon while covering a house demolition in the town of "Sur Baher", southeast of Jerusalem.

In his testimony to MADA, the freelance cameraman MAHFOUZ MOHAMMAD ABU TURK (74 years old) said that he went at about 12:00PM on Sunday to the town of "Sur Baher" in Jerusalem to cover a house demolition carried out by the occupation authorities in the town.

The cameraman began covering and filming the demolition, and after the bulldozers withdrew from the area, he drove his vehicle to leave the town, where he met with a number of police officers, border guards, and special forces. A police officer approached him and asked him for his license, so the cameraman showed the international license, but the policeman told him that it wouldn’t work, and that the journalist had not had a license since 2000, so he issued him a fine of 1000 shekels, and took the car off the street and set a trial session for him at the beginning of January 2024.


(Dec. 3rd) Three journalists were killed due to the bombardment in Gaza Strip on Sunday.

The sports cameraman MOHAMMED ABU SAMRA was killed two days after the death of his twin AHMED during the occupation aggression on Gaza Strip, and the former reporter of Anadolu Agency, journalist OLA ATALLAH, was martyred after the occupation warplanes bombed her uncle’s house in Gaza City, to which she was previously displaced. DR. HASSAN FARAJALLAH, 39 years old, a presenter for Quds Today TV, was also killed. 


(Dec. 4th) Five journalists were killed in one day, one of them works as a cameraman for the Civil Defense crews.

SHAIMA AL-JAZZAR (26 years old) who works for Magdat Rafah Media Network and her family were killed during the Israeli warplanes' bombing of their home in Rafah, in addition to the freelance journalist MAHMOUD MATAR, Kanaan TV news editor HAMADA AL-YAZIJI, the sports cameraman ABDUL HAMID AL-QARNAWI (21 years old), and MAHMOUD SALEM, a photojournalist for the Civil Defense, who was killed during the Israeli warplane's targeting of the Civil Defense crew.

(Dec. 5th) The occupation authorities arrested the programs’ presenter of Bethlehem 2000 Radio after storming his house in the town of "Al-Obaidiya" at dawn on Tuesday under the pretext of incitement through social media and brought him before the military judiciary system.

According to the investigations of MADA field researcher, at approximately 3:00AM, on Tuesday, an Israeli occupation force stormed the house of journalist AYMAN DAOUD KHALIFA RABAYA, 34 years old, who works as a presenter for Bethlehem 2000 Radio, north of Bethlehem. Moreover, a number of soldiers raided the journalist's house and detained him with members of his family, and after about 10 minutes his phone and personal computer were seized, while the soldiers handcuffed him and transferred him by a military vehicle, to an unknown destination. 

His family stated to MADA that AYMAN is currently in Ofer prison, west of Ramallah, and was presented to the Israeli military judiciary system, which issued an extension decision against him until mid-February 2024, after an indictment was filed for alleged incitement through social media.


(Dec. July) The Israeli occupation soldiers obstructed the work of "Al-Jazeera" TV Crew, while they were in " Muthalath Khursa" area, south of Hebron, and pointed weapons at them to prevent them from covering the closure of roads therein on Thursday evening.

According to the follow-up of MADA field researcher, the crew of "Al-Jazeera", consisting of journalist MONTASER NASSAR, the reporter of Al-Jazeera in the southern West Bank, and photojournalist,  MOHAMMAD AWAD RAJOUB,  went around 3:30PM on Thursday to the area of "Muthalath Khursa", southwest of Hebron governorate, to cover the ongoing operations of closing roads and searching shops by the occupation army on the pretext that an explosive devise was thrown at the military tower there.

As soon as the two journalists arrived at the place, several masked soldiers were on the road, the photojournalist began to install the camera in preparation for coverage, and one of the soldiers ran towards them while pointing the weapon and shouting asking them to stop filming and leave the area rapidly, the two journalists began to move away from the place and did not talk to the soldier who saw them wearing full press uniforms, and they were forced to move 300 meters away from the soldiers' location, where the soldier kept pointing weapons at them until they finished the press report.


(Dec. 7th) The Israeli occupation forces arrested the director and reporter of "Al-Arabi Al-Jadid" office, DIAA AL-KAHLOUT, and a number of his family members after stripping them naked and beating them in northern Gaza Strip and took him to an unknown destination.


(Dec. 8th) The Journalist HUSSAM OMAR AMMAR (29 years old) was killed as a result of Israeli warplanes bombing his house in Khan Yunis.


(Dec. 9th) The Journalist DOAA AL-JBOUR, who works for Oyoun Media Network, was killed when Israeli warplanes bombed her family house in Khan Younis.


(Dec. 11th) The house of journalist ANAS AL-SHARIF was targeted by the Israeli warplanes in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip which resulted in the martyrdom of his father.


(Dec. 11th) NERMIN KAWAS, a 28-year-old journalist trainee with Russia Today, was killed when Israeli warplanes bombed her house in Gaza Strip.


 (Dec. 12th) Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of journalists with tear gas canisters and gunfire on Tuesday morning while covering the soldiers' incursion into the city of Jenin and its camp, which led to the injury of a Reuters cameraman with a gas canister in the face, and the injury of freelance journalist AMR MANASRA with a gas canister in the back, while other journalists were suffocated by the smell of gas.

According to the investigations of MADA field researcher, a group of journalists were present to cover the incursion of the occupation forces into the city of Jenin and its camp, which began on Tuesday morning. During the presence of journalists en masse on the main street near Jenin Governmental Hospital, one of the patrols of the occupation army began to pursue and provoke them, as one of the patrols tried to run over the journalist LAITH JAAR, who was covering for Al-Jazeera. The pace of pursuit intensified during their attempt to film the interception of ambulances by a patrol, as tear gas canisters began to be fired directly and heavily at them through a grenade launcher above the military patrol, suffocating all journalists with gas.

When the reporter of "Reuters" journalist RANEEN SAWAFTA tried to leave, she felt a hot metal object hit her face from the right side near her eye, where she had difficulty breathing due to inhaling the smell of gas, and she also felt her face hot and was unable to see, and was transferred by journalists to a  place of the Red Crescent before being transferred later to Jenin Governmental Hospital as she was unable to breathe and received treatment there.

As for the freelance journalist AMR MANASRAH (24 years old), while the journalists were preparing to cover events, the patrol continued to chase them and push them to the entrance to the hospital in an attempt to target them with bombs and bullets with civilians in the hospital yard. Upon reaching that area, the patrol intensively fired gas canisters, and the journalist was hit by a gas canister in the upper area of his back. However, wearing a protective vest prevented him from being severely injured, as doctors assured him that the injury could have been more serious if he had not worn the protective vest, and he was transferred to the hospital where he received the necessary medical procedures, knowing that the distance between him and the patrol that fired the tear gas canisters ranged between 5-7 meters only.

In the area of "Talaat Al-Ghabiz",  journalists who were covering the events were subjected to metal bullets fired by a soldier in a military explosion only 10 meters away from them, and one of the bullets hit the wall near them in an attempt to intimidate them and prevent them from covering and keep them away from the place. The journalists and cameramen who were known among them are: ISSAM ALRIMAWI, MAJDI ISHTAYYA, ALI ISHTAYYA, OBADA TAHAYNA, MOHAMMED ABED, ALI SMOUDI, RANEEN SAWAFTA, SHATHA HANAYSHA, RANEEN ABAHRAH, JARRAH KHALAF, AMR MANASRA.


(Dec. 12th) The Israeli occupation forces arrested freelance journalist IKHLAS SAWALHA on Tuesday while she was passing through a military checkpoint near the town of Deir Sharaf, west of Nablus, and took her to Al-Damon Prison.

According to the journalist's family, the Israeli occupation forces arrested IKHLAS SAWALHA, 24 years old, on Tuesday, while she was passing through the Deir Sharaf checkpoint near Nablus, and she was severely beaten by the Israeli occupation soldiers from the moment of her arrest until she arrived at Al-Damon Prison, where she was detained.

The lawyer had told the journalist's family on Thursday, corresponding to Dec. 14th, that a court hearing had been scheduled for IKHLAS on Tuesday Dec. 19th after several charges related to her journalistic work were brought against her.

On Dec. 21st, the occupation authorities issued a decision to transfer the journalist to administrative detention for a period of six months, and she is currently in Al-Damon prison.


(Dec. 13th) The Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of journalists by firing live ammunition directly at them in Jenin on Wednesday afternoon while covering the incursion of the Israeli occupation forces into the city.

According to the investigations of MADA field researcher, the Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of Palestinian journalists by firing live ammunition at them at about 04:00PM on Wednesday, Dec. 13th, while they were covering the clashes that took place in Jenin near the cinema roundabout.

The Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets directly at several journalists from a distance not exceeding 100 meters, and they miraculously escaped without injuries, while they were gathered near a tree in the street between Al-Shifa Hospital and the cinema roundabout in Jenin to cover the incursion of the occupation forces. The occupation soldiers fired heavy bullets, and tree leaves fell from the force of the bullets. They changed their location and fled from their place.

Among the journalists targeted by the occupation with live bullets are: MOHAMMED ABED, the cameraman and reporter of "Quds Network", ISSAM AL-RIMAWI, the cameraman of "Turkish Anadolu Agency", LAITH JAAR, "Al-Jazeera Live" reporter, TARIQ AL-SARKAJI, freelance cameraman, SHATHA HANAYSHA, "Ultra Palestine", and RANEEN SAWAFTA, "Reuters" cameraman.



(Dec. 13th) The Journalist ABDEL KARIM ODEH was killed during an Israeli bombardment of Gaza Strip, and journalist HANAN AYYAD was killed on the same day.


(Dec. 13th) The Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of journalists:  ANAS AL-SHARIF, ISLAM BADR, MOHAMMED AHMED, IMAD ZAQOUT, and MAHMOUD AL-SHARIF during the coverage of the bombing of a health center in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip, but they managed to survive.


(Dec. 15th) Al-Jazeera cameraman SAMER ABUDUQQA was killed after spending six hours trapped inside Farhana school bleeding on the ground, while the TV reporter WAEL AL-DAHDOUH was wounded by a bullet in the right arm covering a house shelling in Khan Younis on Friday.

According to the testimony of WAEL AL-DAHDOUH, Al-Jazeera crew was present to cover the targeting of a house by the occupation forces in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, and to cover the various destruction operations in areas that none of the media crews reached to broadcast these scenes to the whole world.

They were prevented from filming, and while returning from this mission on foot for dozens of meters because the cars could not reach these places, suddenly, the reporter AL-DAHDOUH said that something dropped him on the ground and his equipment fell with him, he tried to gather his strength but he was feeling dizzy and unbalanced, and he had been hit by a bullet in the left arm, and he expected that his fellow cameraman would be able to stand with him to escape from the place, as he was bleeding heavily from his arm and the journalist realized that he might keep bleeding in the place and that no one would be able to reach him, so he pressed on his wound with the right hand and tried to continue walking as quickly as possible until he reached the street bleeding. He was able to reach an ambulance that took him to Nasser Medical Hospital.

SAMER ABUDUQQA (45 years old) was bleeding and screaming in his place, bleeding for five hours without the Israeli occupation forces allowing ambulances to reach him until he died.


(Dec. 15th) The Police officers severely beat the cameramen of the Turkish Anadolu Agency, one of whom was taken to hospital, while the other suffered bruises in various parts of his body, while they were in the town of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem after Friday prayers.

According to investigations by Mada field researcher, photojournalists for the Turkish Anadolu Agency FAYEZ ABU ARMEILA and MUSTAFA AL-KHAROUF arrived at around 11:40AM on Friday in the town of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem to cover Friday prayers every week since the outbreak of the war on Gaza on October 7.

At approximately 12:10PM, after the prayer, MUSTAFA and FAYEZ moved from the filming location towards the worshipers, and after walking about 400 meters, an Israeli police soldier intercepted them asking why they were in the area and where they were heading. A discussion took place for approximately 20 seconds in Hebrew, stating that they would only be allowed to pass and would not be allowed to stop. They responded that they did not know whether they would continue passing through the road or stop at a place to film, so the occupation soldier asked them to return to their place. After they decided to return, police officers followed them and began to push them forcefully.

The two cameramen were attacked by four police officers, and two began beating each of them separately, they dragged FAYEZ towards the worshipers away from MUSTAFA so that he could not help him, as one of them was beating the cameraman and the other pointing a weapon at him to intimidate him. When they tried to tell the police they had an Israeli press card, the response was, "I don't care, I don't want to see you here”.

Both of them were severely beaten, and MUSTAFA was transferred about 15 minutes after the beginning of the attack to Al-Makassed Hospital and St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital to examine him and check on his health. The cameraman FAYEZ suffered some bruises in the chest and feet due to violent pushing.


(Dec. 16th) The journalist ASSEM KAMAL MOUSA was killed in an Israeli shelling in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.


(Dec. 16th) The journalist MOHAMMED BALOUSHA was wounded by Israeli snipers in the left leg in Gaza.


(Dec. 16th) The Israeli occupation forces arrested journalist HATEM HAMDAN while he was passing through Za'tara military checkpoint near Nablus, to start his work with Al-Jazeera as a cameraman in the northern West Bank.

According to investigations of MADA field researcher, J-Media cameraman HATEM HAMDAN was on his way to Tulkarem, and his family remained in contact with him until 11:00AM, when the connection was cut off.

The family asked the drivers of public vehicles working on the Ramallah-Tulkarm transportation line to find out if anything had happened with their son HATEM on the road, only to inform them at around 02:00PM that HATEM's vehicle was being held at Za'tara checkpoint.

The family was not officially informed of his arrest, and tried to contact Hemoked Foundation to find out the fate of their son, but was unable to do so.


(Dec. 18th) Journalist HANEEN ALI AL-QASHTAN was killed with her family in a shelling of Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.


(Dec. 18th) The Israeli occupation soldiers targeted photojournalist RAMEZ SAMIR AWWAD with a bullet that hit his left thigh while he was covering the raid into Jaffna village, north of Ramallah, on Monday afternoon.

According to the journalist's testimony to MADA field researcher, the journalist RAMEZ SAMIR AWWAD (30 years old) who works for "Al-Mayadeen" TV went to the town of Jaffna, north of Ramallah, on Monday afternoon, wearing a full press uniform (helmet and protective vest) and was covering the incursion of the occupation forces into the town on the main street and there was no one next to him, and no clashes had took place while he was between 120-180 meters away from the occupation soldiers.

At about 03:00PM, the cameraman was wounded by a bullet that entered and exited his left thigh, and the Israeli occupation soldiers fired a second bullet near him to prevent anyone from approaching him.

The ambulance managed to reach the journalist minutes after his injury, and he was transferred to the Istishari Hospital for treatment, where it was found that he had a fracture in the femur.


(Dec. 19th) The journalist ADEL ZOROUB was killed as a result of the Israeli occupation forces targeting the ZOROUB’s family house with rockets in Rafah, resulting in the death of 16 other martyrs.


(Dec. 20th) The journalist MOATH MOHSEN was injured during the Israeli shelling that targeted a mosque in the vicinity of Al-Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah on Wednesday afternoon.


(Dec. 22nd) The Media Doctor and Director-General of Al-Buraq Radio Station RIZQ OROUK, which previously broadcast from Gaza, was killed in shelling that led to the death of a number of his family members in Gaza Strip, and journalist MOHAMMAD AL-SAIDI was martyred with a number of his family members in the Israeli bombardment of their house in Nuseirat.


(Dec. 22nd) The Israeli occupation forces arrested MOHAMMED AL-RIMAWI, a journalist for the Palestinian Radio and Television Corporation, from the house of his uncle and father-in-law in the town of Beit Rima at dawn on Friday and vandalized the entire contents of the house.

According to the testimony of ANWAR, the journalist's brother, to MADA field researcher, the occupation forces stormed the house of the journalist's uncle and father-in-law in the town of "Beit Rima" at about 03:00PM on Friday and arrested him and his sons. The officer called the journalist from his uncle’s phone and asked him to come home quickly after he threatened to storm his house and arrest his wife and son (who were in her family’s home). The journalist went directly to his uncle’s house, where the occupation forces, his wife, and his child were present. There, they tied him up and arrested him, along with his uncle and cousin.

The Israeli occupation soldiers arrested the journalist after wreaked havoc on his uncle's house, broke and destroyed the contents of the house, and the soldiers poured about 15 oil tanks on the ground and poured chlorine on top of that, and broke the kitchen contents, and  threatened MOHAMMED if he did not come, they would go to his house and do the same. 

On Dec. 28th, the journalist was first brought before Ofer Military Court where his detention was extended for five days.


(Dec. 23rd) The Journalist MOHAMMED KHALIFA was killed as a result of Israeli shelling on Gaza Strip, and journalist MOHAMMED NASR ABU HUWAIDI was killed in Al-Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza while covering the occupation aggression.


(Dec. 23rd) The office of "Palestine Today" TV was targeted by shelling with Israeli missiles on Saturday.


(Dec. 24th) Three journalists from the Palestinian Al-Ray News Agency were killed, namely the Deputy Director of the Agency, journalist AHMED JAMAL AL-MADHOUN, who was killed as a result of the Israeli shelling in the northern Gaza Strip, journalist MOHAMMED YOUNIS AL-ZAYTONIA, the sound engineer at the Agency's Radio, and MOHAMMED ABDUL KHALEQ AL-AFA, the Agency's Cameraman, as a result of the Israeli occupation bombardment of a house belonging to the AL-ZAYTONIYA family in Gaza.


(Dec. 25th) The journalist HAMZA HAMMAD and a number of his family members were injured, and his uncle was killed as a result of a zionist bombing targeting the house to which they were displaced in Sheikh Radwan area behind the Beer Al-Sabe’ Mosque.


(Dec. 26th) The Israeli occupation forces arrested freelance journalist HAMAD TAQATA after raiding his house in the town of "Beit Fajjar" at dawn on Tuesday.

According to the testimony of MOHAMMED, the journalist’s brother, to MADA, the Israeli occupation army forces stormed the town of Beit Fajjar, south of the city of Bethlehem, and raided the house of the freelance journalist HAMAD ALI ISSA TAQATQA (32 years old), located in a residential building of three floors, at around 4:00AM on Tuesday.

The soldiers held the journalist with his wife and one-year-old child in a room inside the house, and spread out inside the apartment, searching it until 5:30AM, and vandalizing its contents. Before leaving the house, they arrested the journalist TAQATQA after handcuffing him and blindfolding him with a cloth, and seized three mobile phones and a CANON camera, and the family still does not know where their son HAMAD is being held.


(Dec. 26th) The Israeli occupation soldiers arrested the freelance journalist ADEEB AL-ATRASH from his home in Hebron at 1:30AM on Tuesday and took him to an unknown destination.

According to the testimony of NOOR, the journalist's brother, to MADA field researcher, a force of the occupation army, reinforced by military vehicles, stormed the suburb of Iskan Municipality in Hebron at about 1:30AM, and the occupation soldiers raided the house of journalist ADEEB BARAKAT AL-ATRASH (33 years old) after an attempt to break the door of the house. The soldiers were deployed in the hall of the house without conducting any searches, and asked the journalist to accompany them outside after seizing his mobile phone, where they blindfolded him with a cloth and he was taken to an unknown destination.


(Dec. --) Instagram Application suspended the account of journalist IHAB AL-ALAMI on the pretext of violating posting and publishing standards.

According to the journalist's testimony to MADA, his account, which has about 52,000 followers, was permanently suspended for the second time in December under the pretext of violating publishing standards, after he shared posts on the account that involved green flags.

The final closure was after the application restricted the same account and prevented the journalist from sharing anything on it for one month at the beginning of the last month.


(Dec. 28th) The Israeli occupation soldiers targeted SALMAN AL-KHATIB, a freelance journalist, with live ammunition in his right thigh while covering the incursion of the Israeli occupation forces into Ramallah at dawn on Thursday, Dec. 28th.

According to the testimony of journalist SALMAN AL-KHATIB, 24 years old, he was near Ramallah Municipality at dawn on Thursday to cover the Israeli occupation forces' incursion into Ramallah via live broadcast for Al-Mayadeen TV.

At about 3:00AM, the journalist began preparing the phone to start live coverage for "Al-Mayadeen TV", he was located near Ramallah Municipality building, and he was not aware of the presence of Israeli infantry forces coming towards him, except when female soldier lip up the phone, which made SALMAN take his phone, stand, and move to another place, far from the street. 

At that moment, three military jeeps stormed the place, carrying on their backs the new weapon which fires on laser. When he was injured, he did not notice and did not feel anything, or feel pain, and when he wanted to return to get the phone and the "stand”, the journalist had been hit by live ammunition in his right thigh (from the left).

After he was certain he was injured, he went to Palestine Medical Complex, where his leg was imaged, and it was found that there were minor bruises and that the bullet entered and exited, and did not cause any complications, fractures, cutting off any arteries, or bleeding.


(Dec. 28th) The Journalist AHMAD KHAIRALDDIN was killed in raids by the Israeli occupation forces on Gaza Strip.


(Dec. 29th) The Journalist ABDULLAH HAMMAD, his wife, and children were killed after the Israeli occupation bombed their house in Gaza Strip.

As reported by journalist ASHRAF ABU AMRA, at dawn on Friday, Israeli warplanes bombed "Al-Bassa" area, west of Deir al-Balah, where the house of journalist ABDULLAH HAMMAD was bombed, destroying the house and killing the journalist, his wife, four children, and a number of his relatives.


(Dec. 29th) The Israeli occupation forces targeted a journalist with live bullets and tear gas canisters, assaulted others, and prevented another group from covering near the town of Wad al-Shajna, southwest of Hebron governorate, while they were present at various times on Friday to cover the shooting attack against a Palestinian vehicle under the pretext of carrying out a ramming attack on soldiers.

According to the investigations of the field researcher of MADA, the cameraman of WAFA Agency MASHHOUR HUSSEIN AL-WAHWAH (41 years old) arrived at about 2:30PM, on Friday, in the village of "Wad Al-Shajneh" southwest of Hebron governorate to cover a shooting incident on a Palestinian vehicle near the checkpoint at the entrance to the village. As soon as journalist AL-WAHWAH arrived at an area near the iron gate, two soldiers attacked him and fired a number of tear gas bombs at him, causing him to suffer from suffocation.

Journalist AL-WAHWAH ran towards the village and a group of citizens, and one of the soldiers fired several gunshots at him, but he was able to leave the place, where he was able to complete the coverage.

At about 3:00PM, Al-Jazeera reporter MONTASER MOHAMMED NASSAR (34 years old) and photojournalist AHMED ISMAIL AMR (27 years old), were above the house of a citizen of ABU ARQOUB family in the village of Wad Al-Shajna to cover the same events, many soldiers stormed the village and a number of them climbed to the roof of the house where the two journalists were located, where seven masked soldiers arrived, one of them attacked the camera and dropped it to the ground, and then punched with his hand the face of the journalist MONTASER NASSAR strongly from the left, threw the microphone on the floor from the second floor, and then went towards the journalist NASSAR and tried to take off the helmet from his head forcibly, pushing him hard towards the ground. Then went to the photojournalist AHMED AMR and pushed him towards the ground, the soldier approached the camera and seemed to tamper with it to seize  the pods and chips from the TVU, and asked the journalist AMR to take out the chips and the journalist complied with the soldier's request, but he slapped him on the face several times, which caused scratches in his face and was screaming that there are other pods, and then the two journalists were thoroughly searched after he asked them to take off the press uniform, and they sat in the corner of the building, for a period 10 minutes, after which one of the soldiers approached the journalist MONTASER NASSAR and told him: "You, in particular, should be really careful". After that, the soldiers left after seizing the camera, transmitter, and the cellphones of the two journalists. Both journalists were transferred to Dura Governmental Hospital for treatment, and after about two hours the soldiers handed over the seized equipment to one of the journalists, including the phone of the journalist MONTASER, whose screen was smashed, as well as the cameras that was also broken.

At 3:20PM, Palestine TV reporter MARAH ABDEEN, and the TV cameraman IYAD AL-HASHLAMOUN, and the Office Director in Hebron, JIHAD AL-QAWASMEH, were in the village of Wad al-Shajna, to cover the events that were still ongoing, and suddenly the soldiers attacked the crew members to prevent them from covering as they were accompanied by a group of residents. The crew had to leave the area and rush to a residential house, after being informed that the soldiers had assaulted Al-Jazeera crew. After the soldiers arrived at the place where the crew was located, they asked the citizens where the press crew who was there had gone. The crew members were forced to leave the place after that for fear of being assaulted.

(Dec. 30th) Al-Quds TV reporter JABER ABU HADROS was killed along with several members of his family in the bombing of his house in Nuseirat refugee camp on Saturday morning.