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The Number of Media Freedoms Martyrs has Risen to 24 since October 7th.

Ramallah - 10/26/2023 The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns in the harshest terms the situation over the past weeks, in which the most heinous crimes and violations were committed against civilians in the Gaza Strip, including journalists and workers in media institutions.

26 days of non-stop attacks, during which the occupation forces’ missiles claimed the lives of at least 24 journalists, the last of whom was “Al-Aqsa Voice” broadcaster DUAA SHARAF, who was martyred with her daughter at dawn today, Thursday. The occupation’s bombing injured many journalists with various injuries, and many of them were displaced from their homes as a result of being subjected to missile strikes and the martyrdom of some or all of their family members, the latest of which was the death of the wife and children of Al Jazeera correspondent, journalist WAEL AL-DAHDOUH, after they were targeted in their home in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the center of the Gaza Strip yesterday evening, Wednesday.

"MADA" center condemns the crimes committed by the occupation forces against the media movement, which still goes without punishment, and do not deviate from being systematic and thoughtful crimes to target journalists and their workplaces, to complete the approach followed against them for decades, and despite that the occupation authorities were unable to throughout those years, the uproot of the truth, which is looking at the crimes committed against Palestinian civilians, and its transfer to all parts of the world in all professionalism.

Moreover, “MADA” reiterates its condemnation of the occupation’s crimes and massacres that targeted Palestinian citizens and media professionals, and calls on all media professionals around the world to stand by Palestinian journalists and media institutions that have become targets of the occupation forces and authorities, and to condemn the crimes of targeting media professionals and journalists, in an attempt to put pressure on the International institutions and organizations and organizations that claim to support human rights to pressure the occupation authorities to stop their aggression against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, including journalists, whose numbers are still expected to rise.

Martyrs of media freedoms since the beginning of the aggression:

1.     Journalist MOHAMMED ASSALHI – Assulta Al-Rabi’a Agency.

2.     Cameraman IBRAHIM LAFI – Ain Media Agency.

3.     Cameraman MOHAMMED SUBUH – Khbr Press Agency.

4.     Journalist SAEED AL-TAWEEL – Director of Al-Khamisa Press Agency.

5.     Journalist HISHAM AL-NAWAJHA – Khbr Press Agency.

6.     Freelance cameraman MOHAMMED FAYEZ ABU MATAR.

7.     Journalist AHMED SHEHAB – Program Developer at Al-Aqsa Voice Radio.

8.     Journalist MOHAMMED JARGHOUN – Smart Media Agency.

9.     Freelance journalist ASSAD SHAMLAKH.

10.  Journalist MOHAMMED ABU RIZIQ – Khbr Press Agency.

11.  Freelance journalist SALAM MEIMA.

12.  Journalist HUSSAM MUBARAK – Al-Aqsa TV.

13.  Journalist MOHAMMED BA’LOUSHA – Palestine Today TV.

14.  Camerman and journalist KHALIL ABU ATHRA – Al-Aqsa TV.

15.  Freelance journalist HAZEM BIN SAEED.

16.  Journalist SAMEEH AL-NADI – a Director at Al-Aqsa TV.

17.  Journalist MOHAMMED ABU ALI – Al-Shabab Radio.

18.  Cameraman and journalist RUSHDI SIRAJ – Director of Ain Media Agency.

19.  Journalist HANI ALMADHOUN – Al-Aqsa TV.

20.  Journalist MOHAMMED IMAD LABID – Al-Risala Media Agency.

21.  Journalist MOHAMMED FAYEZ AL-HASANY – Director of Rawasi Falasteen Organization.

22.  Journalist JAMAL MOHAMMED AL-FAQA’AWI – Mithaq Falasteen Organization.

23.  Journalist SA’ED AL-HALABI – Al-Aqsa Network.

24.  Journalist DUAA SHARAF – Al-Aqsa Voice Agency.