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MADA Condemns the Occupation Authorities’ Decision to Shut Down “J-Media” Agency and the Occupation’s Continued Violations against Media Freedoms

Ramallah - 10/17/2023 The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the decision issued by the Israeli occupation army to shut down the “J-Media” Agency from operating without specifying a period for the decision, which led it to comply to the decisions and cease its functions immediately.

The director of J-Media, ALAA HASSAN JAMIL AL-RIMAWI (43 years old), told MADA that he learned of the decision to close the Agency after it spread through the media. The occupation army’s decision described J-Media as “an illegal organization and that its closure is in for the sake of the security of the State of Israel and for the safety of the public and public order.”

MADA views this decision as extremely dangerous as it comes in light of a fierce attack on Palestinian content and the Palestinian media outlets with the aim of besieging them and preventing them from covering the various events resulting from the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and thus misleading world public opinion about the ongoing attacks against citizens, as the occupation forces targeted journalists and media institutions. This resulted in the martyrdom of 14 journalists so far and missing the whereabouts of other journalists, while dozens of journalists were injured, and dozens of headquarters of local and foreign media institutions were destroyed.

As part of its ceaseless targeting of journalists, the occupation authorities bombed the homes of the journalists. The bombing included the complete destruction of at least 20 homes of journalists and their families, and the partial destruction of the homes of other journalists, which resulted in either the martyrdom or injury of their family members.

The Israeli attack against media freedoms also extended to reach the journalists in the West Bank, as the occupation forces arrested three journalists during the past few days, as part of its systematic policy of fighting the Palestinian media and its institutions.

While MADA Center salutes the journalists and media crews who are steadfast in the face of aggression and continue to carry out their media message with all professionalism, it condemns the aggression against Palestinian civilians and condemns all violations against journalists and media freedoms in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and calls on all international institutions concerned with freedom of expression to put pressure on the occupation authorities. To stop its aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip first and to stop targeting journalists and media institutions that work to convey the truth to the entire world because it is contrary to all international conventions and norms.