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MADA: An increase in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine during March

Ramallah – 8th April 20233- March has witness an increase in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine, the greater and most serious part thereof was committed by the Israeli occupation.

During March, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms "MADA" has documented a total of 53 violations against media freedoms committed by the Israeli occupation and other Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where the Israeli occupation committed a total of 40 violations, while various Palestinian parties committed 12 violations, and " Facebook" Platform committed one violation.

Israeli Violations:

The number of Israeli violations against media freedoms in Palestine increased during March by 25% compared to February which witnessed 32 violations. The Israeli violations amounted to 40 constituting 75% of the total violations committed during the month.

Most of the Israeli violations documented were among the serious types against media freedoms, and constituted a continuation of the restrictions against the freedom of journalists and the media in light of the difficult conditions in which they work and aimed mainly at preventing coverage of various events taking place in a large proportion in Nablus, in particular, "Huwara".

Among the most notable Israeli violations during March was the issuance by the Israeli Minister of National Security "ITAMAR BEN GVIR" of a decision banning the work of "Palestine TV" inside the occupied territories of 1948 for a period of six months, and the storming of "Marcel Productions" Company that provides media services to the TV. This decision was followed by official summons for seven Jerusalemite journalists and their interrogation in "Room 4" of the Israeli intelligence service.

During the month, the detention of journalists scored the highest among all types of violations, with 15 violations, followed by preventing journalists from covering various events with 9 violations. MADA also documented the injury of a journalist with a gas bomb in the head and the targeting of another journalist with a rubber bullet in his left foot, while a third journalist was injured by a stone thrown at him by a settler in "Huwara" during field coverage.

In addition to the above, a journalist's car key was confiscated to prevent him from accessing the events in "Huwara", and materials belonging to another journalist were deleted. Furthermore, the crew of "Roya" TV was exposed to an attempt of run over by one of the military jeeps.


Palestinian Violations:

Palestinian violations against media freedoms in Palestine during March recorded a significant increase (12 violations) compared to February, which witnessed only two violations.

MADA documented 12 Palestinian violations committed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, representing 23% of all violations during the month.

The Palestinian violations consisted of the arrest of 3 journalists: the journalist MOATH WASHHA, who was arrested by the Palestinian intelligence service for ten days after being summoned for an interview, the journalist WAHAJ BANI MUFLEH, who was arrested by the intelligence service after being summoned for an interview also for three days during which he was subjected to torture and ill-treatment, and a few days before, he was subjected to physical assault by members of the security services during the coverage of the funeral of a martyr in the city center of Nablus.

The police in Gaza Strip also arrested journalist HANI ABU RIZK for three days, during which he was beaten and ill-treated under the pretext of filming in the “Saraya” Area without getting a permit.

The most notable of the documented Palestinian violations is the storming of the headquarters of Watan TV, preventing the holding of the People's Coalition Conference "14 million", preventing journalists and staff from covering the Conference, and deleting video materials from one of their phones. This is in addition to the threats against journalist NAJLAA ZEITOUN from a fake account on Facebook.


Social Media Networks Violations:

Violations by social media companies during March were limited to one violation, represented by the warnings received by "Ultra Palestine" Page and restricting the content of its posts for two weeks before it could return to its usual activities.

Details of Violations:

1st March - The Palestinian security forces stormed the headquarters of "Watan" TV in the city of Ramallah on Wednesday afternoon, and prevented the holding of the People's Coalition Conference "14 million. They also assaulted the journalists present and prevented them from covering the event.

Journalist AHMED MELHEM, who works for "Watan" TV, stated that the People's Coalition “14 Million” asked "Watan" TV to hold its press conference at the TV's headquarters after they were prevented from holding the conference at their headquarters in Al-Masyoun, which aimed to launch and sign a political statement by 150 national figures to mainly demand elections, along with other demands.

At around 12:00PM on Wednesday, a Palestinian security force in civilian clothes stormed the headquarters of Watan TV to stop the conference and prevented a group of present journalists from entering and covering the incident.

Journalist RAMI SAMARA stated that he arrived at the TV headquarters at noon on Wednesday, when two cars, a police vehicle and a civilian one, were parked at the entrance of the TV building. While he was trying to park the car, two officers in civilian clothing approached him and said, "It seems that he is a journalist," and entered the TV headquarters before him.

The journalist RAMI took the elevator, and when he reached the fourth floor, he saw a number of security personnel in civilian clothes having a discussion with the TV staff, and when he reached the fifth floor, he also saw a group of security personnel, and when they saw the journalist RAMI, they asked him to get out, but he told them that he was a journalist, and asked them for their identification cards. So one of them took out his card and was a police detective, but they were all wearing civilian clothes.

One of the officers asked the journalist, RAMI, to leave, to avoid getting into "problems." The journalist's response was "Talking to me like does not work with me”. Furthermore, the journalist JIHAD BARAKAT and his accompanying cameraman, SAMID AL-BARGHOUTI, were also prevented from covering at that time.

The security personnel continued their discussion with the organizers of the conference explaining that the reason for preventing the conference from being held was the lack of a permit. They also went to the TV Director’s Office MUAMMAR ORABI and informed him of the ban, and he replied that there is no such thing as a permit to hold a conference in the law.

HADI MAJID SABARNEH, 24 years old, who works for Watan TV, said that at around 11:30, after the members of the People's Coalition “14 Million” moved to the TV headquarters, a force from the Palestinian security services, namely the police and the general investigations, all in civilian clothes, went up to the fourth floor, where the journalist, SABARNEH, was filming his director on TV (IBRAHIM ANQAWI), one of the officers approached and prevented him from filming under the pretext that his voice was in the video, so he took the phone from him and deleted the video.

After that, the security personnel went to the fifth floor, where the studio was, and one of them was filming the employees on TV. The journalist, SABARNEH, objected and asked him not to film. At that time, there was shoving, and the security personnel tried to pull the journalist down, but they were unable to.

The police vehicle remained outside the headquarters until 06:00PM.


1st March - The Palestinian Intelligence Service arrested journalist MUATH WASHHA (22 years old) after he was summoned for interrogation at the Service’s headquarters in Ramallah on Wednesday, March 1. He was released after ten days of detention.

The media student and volunteer at Palestine Times Network, MUATH JAMAL WASHHA (22 years old), stated to MADA that he had received a phone call from the Palestinian Intelligence Service on Tuesday evening to go the next day to the headquarters of the Service, in Ramallah.

At around 10:00AM the next morning, the journalist went with his father to the headquarters, and one of the officers told him that the interview would not take more than two hours and that he would be asked about some posts on his Facebook page, which is a routine procedure.

Once he was brought to the officer, he underwent an hour-long investigation about his media work, with whom he worked and whether he received money for his work, and then signed a pledge to maintain the confidentiality of the investigation in advance of his release, and the officer asked him for his mobile phone and identity card to complete the release procedures.

The journalist remained waiting until 3:30PM, when it was decided to arrest him on charges of "possession of weapons".

During the detention period, the journalist was interrogated for eight days and every day for more than one session. He was also brought before the court the day after his arrest, where his detention was extended for seven days pending investigation, and his detention was extended for another seven days after he was presented to the court on 7th March. The Public Prosecution requested an extension of his detention for 45 days, but the judge denied it.

On Sunday 12th March, before the journalist was presented to the court, in the session scheduled for the following day, it was decided to release the journalist on a paid bail of (5000) JD, and he left therefrom at 08:00PM.


3rd March - The occupation police attacked a number of journalists and prevented them from covering the peaceful march in Al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and forcibly removed them from the place on Friday afternoon.

The freelance cameraman IBRAHIM KAMAL HAMAD AL-SINJLAWI (27 years old) stated that he and both CNN cameraman KARIM ASAAD KHADER (45 years old) and Al-Qastal News Network cameraman AHMED MOHAMMED ABU SBEIH (23 years old) were in Al-Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem to cover the peaceful march organized on a weekly basis in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

While covering the march, a police officer prevented him from to do so, and when he told him that he was a journalist, he pushed him and forced him to leave the site. The same thing happened with both the cameraman KARIM KHADER and AHMED ABU SBEIH, as they were pushed and removed from the march and prevented from covering it.


3rd March - The Occupation forces obstructed the work of journalists in "Huwara" on Friday, corresponding to 3rd March, and prevented them from covering the European Delegation's visit to the town and informing them of settler attacks therein.

The reporter of the Jordanian TV Roya, HAFEZ MAHMOUD SABRA (33 years), stated that at around 11:00PM on Friday, he was present to cover the visit of the European Delegation to "Huwara" and briefed them on the settlers' attacks in the town and their burning of the homes of its citizens.

Meanwhile, the reporter of "Al-Ghad" TV, KHALED BADIR, was live broadcasting the visit, while the journalist HAFEZ was covering the settlers' attacks and their attempts to disrupt the work of the European Delegation.

One of the Israeli officers was filming the journalist KHALED BADIR and trying to disrupt his work during the live broadcast, so the journalist HAFEZ tried to document this scene, but the responsible officer in Huwara Camp asked the soldiers to arrest the reporter of “Roya” TV, so the soldiers approached him and demanded his identity card and a press card, he told them that it was in the car; after some people intervened, they moved away from him.

The soldiers returned to the journalist "SABRA" after a short period of time and asked him for his identity card and photographed it, under the pretext of obstructing the work of the soldiers, but he answered them that they are the ones obstructing the work of Palestinian journalists in the area.


5th March - The "Ultra Palestine" Page received a set of warnings, and many of its posts were restricted by the management of "Facebook" for two weeks until the page was able to return to its usual activity after seeking the help of colleagues from other institutions.

The "Ultra Palestine" Page had published news about the martyr "KHAROUSHA", who was martyred at the beginning of the month, and 48 hours later, it began receiving warnings about the posts and the restrictions on the posts began.

A colleague at "Sada Social" Center was hired, who in turn changed the email used to log in, and enhanced the security settings of the page further, and the page returned to normal after two weeks of restricting publication.

7th March - The crew of the Jordanian TV "Roya" was subjected to an attempt to be run over by an Israeli military jeep while it was retreating from Jenin Camp, after carrying out an incursion on Tuesday afternoon.

The reporter of the Jordanian TV "Roya", HAFEZ MAHMOUD SABRA (33 years old), stated that he was present at around 5:30PM on Tuesday with the TV’s cameraman MAHMOUD FAWZI in Jabriyat area in the city of Jenin to cover the Israeli incursion into the camp.

After the incursion ended and the occupation forces withdrew from the place - the journalist estimated their number at about 50 military jeeps and troop carriers -, the journalist SABRA went out on a live broadcast for the TV, and during that, one of the military jeeps tried to run over the crew, but they were able to quickly get away from the place.

8th March - Members of the Palestinian security services assaulted the photojournalist, WAHAJ BANI MUFLEH, in Nablus, while he was covering the funeral of the executor of "Huwara" operation, ABDEL FATTAH KHAROUSHA, on Wednesday noon.

The freelance cameraman WAHAJ JAMAL BANI MUFLIH (23 years old) stated to MADA that at around 11:00PM he was in the center of Nablus near the local market covering the funeral of the martyr ABDEL FATTAH KHAROUSHA, along with his colleague, the Danish cameraman NICHOLAS, who had a press card around his neck.

During the coverage, police officers approached and assaulted the Danish cameraman verbally and tried to assault him physically under the pretext that he was filming them. WAHAJ confronted them and stated that his colleague was a foreign cameraman and was only doing his work. Eight officers, most of them from the National Security, beat him using their hands and weapons all around his body.

The assault against the cameraman lasted for minutes, resulting in pain until the following day.


10th March - The Israeli occupation forces detained a group of journalists in the town of "Nilin" at dawn on Friday, while they were present to cover the incursion of the town, in preparation for the implementation of the decision to demolish the house of the martyr AL-KHAWAJA.

In his testimony to MADA, "Al-Jazeera Live" cameraman, MOHAMMED HAMMOUD TURKMAN (25 years old), stated that he was present in "N'lin" northwest of Ramallah and a group of journalists (the cameraman KARIM KHAMAYSA, the cameraman of Odeh TV, YOUSEF SHEHADEH, the cameraman of Quds News Network, MUTASEM SAQF AL-HAIT, the journalist MUSTAFA AL-KHAWAJA, and J-Media cameraman HATEM HAMDAN) at around 1:30AM, on Friday to cover the occupation forces’ incursion into the village following the issuance of an Israeli decision to demolish the house of the martyr MOATAZ AL-KHAWAJA.

The journalists were present near the house of Martyr AL-KHAWAJA to cover the incursion of the house by the occupation forces. The journalists remained in a corner next to the house when the incursion began, and the occupation soldiers deployed in the vicinity of the house.

The occupation soldiers detained the journalists in the house adjacent to the martyr's house, for about four hours, and they were not able to leave the place until 06:00AM in the morning when the soldiers began withdrawing.


12th March - Photojournalist MUTASEM SAQF AL-HAIT was wounded by a gas bomb in the head, and the occupation forces prevented journalists from covering their attacks on citizens who marched peacefully in Ni'lin, west of Ramallah, on Sunday evening.

Journalist HADI MAJED SABARNEH, (24 years old), who works for Watan TV, reported that a group of journalists (J-Media cameraman HATEM HAMDAN, journalist MOHAMMED AYAD AWAD, and Quds News Network cameraman MUTASEM SAMIR SAQF AL-HAIT) went to Nilin, northwest Ramallah, around 9:30PM on Sunday, to cover the march towards the house of the martyr MUTAZ AL-KHAWAJA, and they were all wearing press uniforms indicating their journalistic identity.

After the end of the march, the citizens headed to the entrance of the town, where clashes erupted between the citizens and the occupation forces stationed there. Quds News Network cameraman MUTASEM SAMIR SAQF AL-HAIT (32 years old) was injured by a gas bomb in the head from a distance of about 50m.

The occupation soldiers also deliberately removed the journalists from the place to prevent them from covering, as one of the soldiers pointed a weapon at the journalist MOHAMMED AWAD, which led to all of them hiding in a nearby house until the soldiers retreated.

The journalists stayed at home until the clashes ended and the occupation forces retreated at 12:00 after midnight.


13th March - The Palestinian intelligence service arrested the photojournalist WAHAJ BANI MUFLIH and interrogated him several times after summoning him by phone for an interview. He was released after three days, during which he was subjected to various forms of torture and ill-treatment, on condition that he hand over his mobile phone and computer.

The freelance cameraman WAHAJ JAMAL BANI MUFLIH (22 years old) reported to MADA that he received a phone call on Sunday from the Intelligence Service in Nablus to interrogate him. He refused to go at first, and after mediation by some of the townspeople working in the Service, he decided to go.

At around 12:00PM, on Monday, the journalist went to the headquarters of the Service, and after waiting three hours, he underwent an investigation session that lasted an hour and a half, during which more than one officer interrogated him in a provocative manner about his media work.

At around 10:00PM, in the evening, the cameraman was transferred from the detention rooms to a cell, and during that, he was beaten and verbally abused by members of the security service. He was also shackled/chained for a few minutes, and he was interrogated about his coverage of the funeral of the martyr "ABDEL-FATTAH KHAROUSHA" days before his arrest.

The journalist was transferred from the intelligence headquarters to "Al-Junaid" prison, and a black bag was placed over his head. He entered Al-Junaid prison, where he was beaten and brought to the medical services, and there he underwent an interrogation session about posts on "Facebook" and that he belonged to Hamas.

The journalist was taken to a cell whose conditions were bad (without a mattress or cover) and he was slapped several times, and his head was covered with a bag. The officer then asked him about his laptop and mobile phone, so the journalist told him that he did not have a laptop and that his smartphone was broken in the last assault against him.

On the following day, the journalist was brought to the investigation director, in the presence of the legal adviser accused of the charge of belonging to Hamas. He asked him if he owned a weapon, and the journalist answered negatively. The journalist signed a pledge not to own any weapons and then was brought before the Public Prosecution Office which decided to extend his detention for 48 hours.

On the third day, 15th March, it was decided to release the journalist in exchange for handing over his mobile phone and laptop. As of writing this report, the journalist had not handed such over.


15th March - The occupation police summoned the journalist AHMED AL-SAFADI for investigation at “Al-Qashla” Police Station, and interrogated him following a complaint filed by an occupation police officer against him in May 2022. He was released on the same day on unpaid bail of 5,000 shekels.

The Jerusalemite journalist AHMED HUSSEIN AL-SAFADI (49 years old) stated in his testimony to MADA that he had received a phone call from the occupation police on Wednesday, corresponding to 15th March, for investigation at Al-Qashla Police Station the following day.

AL-SAFADI went to the Police Station at around 3:00PM on Thursday, according to the time, and there he was interrogated and charged with assaulting a policeman in Jerusalem in May 2022, and at that time he was filming with Al-Mayadeen TV.

The journalist refused the charge against him and insisted that he was only doing his job, but the police officers assaulted him at the time, and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The journalist was released after two hours of investigation and on an unpaid bail of (5000) shekels.


17th March - WAFA News Agency cameraman SULEIMAN ABU SROUR was injured by a rubber bullet in the left foot, after which he received field treatment while covering the occupation forces' incursion into "Aqbat Jabr" Camp in the city of Jericho on Tuesday morning.

The cameraman SULEIMAN MAHMOUD ABU SROUR (40 years old) reported to MADA that he was present at around 7:00AM on Tuesday, covering the occupation forces’ incursion into the northern area of Aqabat Jabr Camp.

During the coverage, the cameraman was standing next to a wall and wearing full press uniform. He was 100 meters away from the demonstrators and 100 meters away from the occupation soldiers.

The journalist "SROUR" was directly targeted with a large number of rubber bullets, which the journalist estimated were twenty bullets, one of which hit him in the left foot, but it was a minor injury and he received field treatment only.


20th March - The Israeli occupation authorities raided “Marcel Productions” Company under the pretext of providing media services to Palestine TV, as the work of “Palestine TV” was banned inside the occupied territories of 1948 by a decision of the Minister of National Security, and the intelligence service summoned a group of journalists working for “Marcel Productions” Company for investigation in its sections.

FIRAS FAYEZ HINDAWI (31 years old), who works as a cameraman for Marcel Production Company, told MADA that the occupation police raided the Company’s headquarters at around 9:00AM on Monday, March 20, and the freelance journalist WALID QAMAR was inside. The occupation police handed official summons to the journalists working for it, and the occupation intelligence contacted them to go for investigation immediately.

The journalists went to "4 rooms" for investigation, and they were (LAYALI EID, YAZAN HADDAD, WALID QAMAR, LANA KAMILA, FIRAS HINDAWI, NIHAD HIJAZI, and AMIR ABBAS). After waiting and handing over their identity cards, they entered one journalist after another for questioning for about an hour.

During the investigation, the same questions were asked to all journalists about their work for Palestine TV, and the answer was that they work for the Company, not the TV, and that they work for Marcel Company and do what is required of them without having any knowledge of the entity that receives the Company's services.

The intelligence officer insisted that the media work of the journalists is in favor of Palestine TV, and that the decision of the Minister of National Security to ban TV work in Jerusalem is clear for a period of six months, and until that time the journalists will expose themselves to accountability and arrest in case of non-compliance with the decision.


23rd March - The police in Gaza Strip arrested journalist HANI ABU RIZK while he was filming the activities of Ramadan in the Saraya area on Thursday evening, the first of Ramadan, under the pretext of not having a permit. He was taken to "Al-Abbas" Police Station and ill-treated. He was released at dawn on Saturday 25th March after two days' arrest.

The journalist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah newspaper, HANI ASHRAF ABU RIZK (29 years old), told MADA that he was present at around 5:30PM on the first Thursday of Ramadan in the “Saraya” area to take some pictures of Ramadan atmosphere, when the traffic policeman stopped him and asked him for a permit for photography. The journalist replied that the place is public and there is no need to obtain a permit. He also told him that he is a journalist and has a union membership card. The policeman replied that he does not recognize all these matters and that he has instructions to apply. At that time, the journalist asked him, do you mind if I photograph you and make this statement?

The traffic policeman only attacked the journalist and fought with him, and at that moment a police patrol arrived and the journalist was taken to a room of the police in the same area, where the journalist explained the details of what happened to the officer in charge, but he did not believe him after hearing the statement of the traffic policeman, and HANI was transferred to Al-Abbas Investigation Center in Gaza.

During the transfer of the journalist in the military jeep, he was subjected to physical and verbal abuse, as the policeman slapped him three times in the face, and insulted and cursed him many times, describing him as an "animal", and asked him to open his phone to see what was filmed.

Two hours after the journalist's arrival at the center, it was decided to release him through the mediation of the government media office. The journalist was asked to sign a pledge to maintain the confidentiality of what happened during the arrest, but he refused to sign it.

After that, a representative of the Ministry of Interior and a representative of the police came to mediate the release of the journalist. The journalist signed the first pledge and was released at around 2:00AM on Saturday, corresponding to 25th March.


25th March - The occupation forces detained both the journalists, LAITH JAAR and JIHAD AL-DIN AL-BADAWI, twice on the same night, in the town of "Huwara" on Saturday evening, and searched them and their cars each time, and they also deleted all the pictures on the journalist JIHAD's phone.

J-Media cameraman LAITH BASSEM JAAR (25 years old) reported that he and his colleague, Palestine Today TV reporter JIHAD AL-DIN BADAWI, were detained in the town of Huwara twice on the same day after a shooting attack took place in the town on Saturday.

The cameraman "JAAR" and the journalist "BADAWI" were detained for 20 minutes for the first time while they were in the town of "Huwara" at around 10:30PM on Saturday, when the occupation soldiers stopped them while they were wearing full press uniforms, and searched them. Their cars were carefully searched and then they left the scene.

At about 01:00AM, while they were leaving the town of "Huwara" and heading to the city of Nablus, the two journalists arrived at "Al-Murabaa" Checkpoint near the village of "Tal", where the occupation soldiers stopped them, asked them about their destination, searched them, searched their cars, checked their identity cards, and confiscated their mobile phones.

After about 5 minutes, one of the soldiers came back with the phone belonging to the journalist, JIHAD, and asked him to open it. He searched it, and opened the various applications on it. He also opened the photo studio and deleted all the photos on the phone, and deleted them also from the Recycle Bin.

The two journalists retrieved their phones and left after 20 minutes.


25th March - The occupation forces detained a group of journalists in the town of "Huwara" and prevented them from covering the events on Saturday evening, after carrying out a shooting attack that day.

Quds News Network reporter ABDULLAH TAYSEER BAHASH (24 years old) stated to MADA that at around 11:00PM on Saturday, he went with a group of journalists (J-Media agency cameraman LAITH JAAR, Palestine Today TV reporter JIHAD AL-DIN BADAWI, and Al-Qastal Network reporter AYMAN FAISAL QAWAREQ) to follow up on the events that followed the implementation of a shooting attack by Palestinians in the town of "Huwara".

While the journalists were moving from one area to another inside the town, they were intercepted by a military jeep, and the soldiers removed the journalists from their car and confiscated their press cards, personal cards, and mobile phones despite them wearing press uniforms.

The soldiers searched the car carefully, asked them why they were there, detained them for about 20 minutes, then returned their cards and phones to them and released them.


25th March - The occupation forces confiscated journalist NASSER SHTAYYEH's car and confiscated the key from him at the entrance to the town of "Huwara" to prevent him from reaching and covering the current events in the town on Saturday evening.

SIPA USA cameraman NASSER SULEIMAN SHTAYYEH (51 years old) said that he went at about 9:00PM on Saturday to the town of "Huwara" south of Nablus, through dirt roads after the main roads were closed, to cover the course of the operation that was carried out against the Israelis.

The journalist entered the main street of the town opposite "Huwara" school, only to be surprised by an ambush prepared by the occupation soldiers. The soldier got out of the military jeep and asked the journalist, shouting, "Where are you going?" Journalist NASSER replied that he was looking for the location of the operation to cover its course.

The soldier told him that this is prohibited, and he confiscated the car key after strong resistance from the journalist to prevent him from moving.

NASSER contacted the agency office where he works and provided them with the number of the military jeep and his whereabouts, which in turn contacted the Israeli authorities to release NASSER.

The journalist, NASSER, was released after being detained for about 40 minutes. He recovered the car key and left the place.


27th March - Settlers assaulted the freelance journalist, ABD AL-RAHMAN DMAIDI, and prevented him from completing the live broadcast on his phone. One of the settlers kidnapped him from his hand in the town of "Huwara", while he was also targeted with a stone to prevent him from covering it.

In his testimony to MADA, the student at the Faculty of Media and the freelance journalist, ABD AL-RAHMAN ALI DAMIDI (19 years old), stated that at around 5:30PM on Monday, he was in "Huwara" in a live broadcast of the events on his mobile phone, and at a certain moment he was attacked by a settler. He snatched the phone from his hand.

The journalist was unable to catch up with the settler, and when he told the army soldiers what had happened, they did not respond to him. Minutes apart, he was targeted with a stone by a settler. The journalist was unable to determine if it was the same one who stole his phone.

Shortly after, the journalist noticed that his phone was lying under a settler's car, so he asked one of the soldiers to accompany him to retrieve his phone, which happened until he was able to retrieve it.


28th March - Freelance journalist NAJLAA ZAITOUN received audio and written recordings from a fake account on Facebook, cursing her, and threatening her with arrest by the Preventive Security.

Freelance journalist NAJLAA ANWAR ZAYTOUN (37 years old) reported to MADA that she was surprised by chance on Tuesday that there was a message from an unknown account with her, and when she opened it, she found a message written, "The Preventive Security Service knows how to reach you, you cheap", while there was an audio message that contained profanity words and cursing.

A few hours later, the sender deleted the message on both sides.