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605 Violations against media freedoms in Palestine in 2022, the most serious of which is the killing of two female journalists

Ramallah – 26th Jan. 2023 The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms "MADA" published the findings of its annual report on media freedoms in Palestine in 2022.

This came during a press conference held yesterday, Wednesday, at the headquarters of MADA, in which Dr. GHAZI HANANIA, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MADA, and Ms. SHEREEN AL-KHATIB, Acting Director of MADA, and Dr. Taleb Awad in the presence of a crowd of journalists and media, civil and international organizations.

At the beginning of the Conference, Dr. GHAZI invited the audience to recite Al-Fatihah for the spirit of the former Director and Founder of MADA, MR. MOUSA AL-RIMAWI, with the passage of 40 days since his death. He also announced that MADA is organizing an “appreciative” award for “Best Defender of Press Freedom for the year 2023”, the results of which will be announced on the first anniversary of MOUSA’s death on 14th Dec. 2023, where the award will be presented to whoever wins the title of Best Defender of Press Freedom for the year 2023.

DR. GHAZI also saluted all journalists for their attendance and participation in this Conference, which is organized to shed light on the reality of media freedoms and freedom of expression in Palestine, and in appreciation of their role in conveying the truth in light of the dangerous circumstances and challenges they face on a daily basis.

He also indicated that MADA is still keen to continue to play its role and complete its mission for which it was established and stressed once again the importance of approving the Right to Information Law, hoping that the existing Government will act as soon as possible to pass it.


For her part, AL-KHATIB reviewed the findings of the annual report on media freedoms in Palestine 2022, pointing to the efforts of MADA to shed light on the violations against media freedoms in Palestine by the occupation authorities, social media companies, or various Palestinian authorities across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

It showed that MADA documented a total of 605 violations against media freedoms in Palestine (the occupation forces and settlers committed a total of 416 violations (about 69%), while social media companies committed 127 violations (21%), while various Palestinian authorities committed violations across the West Bank and Gaza Strip committed a total of 55 violations (9%) of all violations. She pointed out that the reason for the increased number of violations is mainly due to the violations committed by the occupation authorities and its settlers, as the Israeli violations fall under 17 types, and the most serious violations against the lives of journalists accounted for 85% thereof, this is in addition to the violations committed by social media companies.

AL-KHATIB explained that the reasons for the rise resulted from many factors and political circumstances, the most important of which are the murders of the two journalists, SHIREEN ABU AQLEH, and GHUFRAN WARASNEH, and the media coverage that accompanied these crimes. In addition to the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip and the associated violations against journalists and media freedoms. In connection with this aggression came the violations of social media companies that continued their violations against Palestinian content to prevent the truth from being conveyed to the world.

She also indicated the decrease in the number of Palestinian violations during 2022, which decreased to 55 violations, which is an increase of 55% compared to the preceding year 2021.


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