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(MADA): Condemns the operation of arrests and summonses against journalists and calls for the immediate release of journalist "Ateeq"

Ramallah- 05/09/2022: The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) expresses its condemnation of the persecution of Palestinian journalists in the past few days. Mada calls for an end to these violations against them and respect for freedom of opinion and expression in the Palestinian territories.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Palestinian security forces arrested the photojournalist of "SANAD NEWS" Agency Mohammed Ateeq, after raiding his house in the township of Burqin in the governorate of Jenin, without knowing the reasons. They also prevented any lawyer from visiting him. The Palestinian General Intelligence (PGIS) summoned the journalist Mustafa Al-Khawaja to investigate Ramallah city.

A few hours before that, the Palestinian security services arrested the freelance journalist Mujahed Al-Saadi after he documented the scene of security forces storming the house of a citizen, but they released him on Saturday evening and kept his phones in their custody.

(MADA) Center expresses its deep concern about this deterioration in the state of media freedoms and demands an end to the infringement on media freedoms, which is a violation of the Palestinian Basic Law.

(MADA) Center also calls for halting the policy of arrests and summoning journalists and releasing them.