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“MADA” The US report about the murder of “Abu Aqleh” is a new blow to efforts to end impunity

Ramallah – July,5th, 2022 - The American report regarding the assassination of Journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh, nor the Israeli repudiation of the crime, blatantly supported by the American side, would not have been surprising, and without the American support and protection, the occupying state would not have continued its series of crimes against journalists in occupied Palestine, where two journalists were killed (Shireen Abu Aqleh and Ghufran Warasneh ) during the past two months, bringing the murders of journalists to 48.

The position of the US administration and its spoiled child - the occupying state, underestimates the minds of the people, the international community, the institutions of the United Nations and human rights, and represents a blow to all efforts aimed at putting an end to impunity for criminals, for which the United Nations dedicated an international day on the twenty-second of November of each year, after it was The International Network for Freedom of Expression (IFEX) devoted to it the second day of the same month in its conference in 2011, before it was adopted by the United Nations.

Relying on the American position was an illusion, even though Abu Aqleh holds American citizenship. The occupation forces had previously killed Palestinian citizens of American citizenship, and USA did not move a finger, and what is worse is the suspension of illusions on the Israeli investigation committees.

We have confirmed in a previous statement dated May 14th, 2022

that what is required is not an international investigation committee, nor an Israeli or an American one. The perpetrator of the crime is clear. The investigation carried out by the Palestinian Authority and many international human rights institutions, and media outlets held the occupation responsible for the crime, and it remains for the international community to bear its responsibilities, especially the International Criminal Court, to achieve justice in the crime of killing Shereen, Ghufran and all journalists.