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Violations of media freedom in Palestine increased to 46 in February.

Ramallah –20, March, 2022 – The violations against Media Freedom continued to increase in the second month of the year 2022, “MADA” Center  documented a total of 46 violations in comparative with a 27 violations were documented in January, 2022.


The Israeli attacks against journalists increased in Jerusalem and Nablus cities during thier coverage  of Palestinian  activities against Israeli settlement expansion in West Bank, and taking over a Palestinian house in Shikh Jarah Neighborhood in Jerusalem, beside of the increasing of Israeli attacks against Journalists while they were covering the weekly Palestinian protests in the villages of Beita and Beit Djan near  Nabus North of West Bank.


The Violations that took Place Last February were distributed as follows:

·     39 Violations by Israeli soldiers.

·     4 Violations by Palestinian Security forces.

·     3 Violations by Social Media networks.


It has to be mentioned that the German Deutsche Welle network dismissed 5 Arab Journalists including 3 Palestinian, accusing them of "anti-Semitism", one of those Journalists is Maram Salem was dismissed after her post on Facebook Criticizing the freedom of speech in Europe, meanwhile, the Journalists Zaher Alawi, and Yasser Abu Mulik was dismissed also in cause of their posts on Facebook denouncing the Israeli Attacks on Gaza Strip. 


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