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MADA Center expresses its concern over the piracy of the accounts of journalists, dissidents and human rights activists

Ramallah 04/23/2021. The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the hacking of the accounts of Palestinian citizens, as a Facebook statement accused hackers of two groups affiliated with the Palestinian Preventive Security Service standing behind the piracy operations.

The statement indicated that the threats focused on a wide range of targets, including journalists, people opposed to the government and human rights activists inside and outside Palestine.

MADA Center expresses its serious concern about this piracy, which is considered a violation of privacy, and would lead to increased self-censorship among journalists and activists, whose danger increases during the electoral process in Palestine. MADA Center calls on the Palestinian government to immediately form an investigation committee to hold accountable all those responsible the hacking act, and to take rigorous measures against them.

MADA Center also calls on the wider cyberspace users to be alert and careful about the materials they receive on social media, and not to receive or interact with unknown senders.