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MADA demands pursuing the perpetrators of attacks on journalists and the formation of the International Moot Court.

Ramallah – (02/11/2020) Today, the second of November marks the international day to put an end to impunity for crimes committed against journalists.

43 journalists were killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces since the beginning of 2000. Additionally; hundreds of journalists were seriously injured, causing permanent disabilities that will probably accompany them throughout their lives, as in the case of the photographer Muath Amarneh who lost his eye because of a bullet fired at him by an Israeli soldier, without bringing any of the perpetrators of all these crimes to justice or punishment. The violations against Amarneh even extended further where the Israeli police detained the journalist approximately a week before (10/27/2020), and transferred him to one of the police centers where they interrogated him after he was arrested in Jerusalem, in which he arrived there to follow up his medical treatment in one of its hospitals, claiming that the permit he has, which was issued by the Israeli authorities for this specific reason, does not guarantee him an entry to the city of Jerusalem.      

Since the beginning of this year, despite the spread of the Corona epidemic and the accompanying lockdowns, closures, and shrinkage of various public activities, MADA center was able to monitor and document a total of 174 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists, the physical attacks tolled to 70 cases (injuries with live and rubber bullets, tear gas, canisters, and others), while Palestinian violations reached 83 cases where two of which were physical assaults.

MADA center assures that the impunity of the perpetrators of crimes and violations against journalists in Palestine, including murders and serious physical assaults, has enhanced the continuity and expansion of such crimes. MADA center renews its demand for the necessity of working to pursue the perpetrators, and it also confirms that it will continue its efforts to achieve this through its presence in many international networks and alliances, including its membership in the advisory Committee of the International Media Freedom  Coalition (MFC-AN).

MADA center will also work again to push forward the realization of its initiative in forming an International Moot Court to hold a trial for the perpetrators of murders of journalists, in cooperation with all concerned international institutions.