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MADA: Journalists Daher and Al-Ariyan the latest victims of IOF

Ramallah-31/7/2014: The journalist Mohammed Majed Daher, 27years old, who worked as an editor for Al-Resallah weekly newspaper died today at 04:00 A.M,since he was injured on 20/7/2014.


The director of Al-Resallah Radio Mohammed Abu Qamar reported to MADA:"Three-floor house of journalist Mohamed  Daher was shelled on Sunday 20/7/2014 at 10:00A.M in Al-Shajaiea neighborhood in Gaza city by an Israeli airplane without a previous warning;therefore,his house was destroyed, and he was severely injured, Daher sustained a fracture in the skull, bleeding in the brain and  kidney failure . Civil defense crew was not able to risqué him at first since IOF prevented them to reach their .At 06:00P.M they could transfer him to the ICC department of Al-Shifa Hospital. He died today at 04:00A.M


In the shelling of his house his daughter Dana whose age is a year and two months, his parents, his brother and his sister were killed.His pregnant wife and his other sister sustained mid injures.


The journalist  in Al-Aqsa channel  Sameh Mohammed Al- Ariyan,28 years old, who was married and had three children, was killed by IOF yesterday 30/7/2014 during their shelling on Al-Shajaiea neighborhood In Gaza city


The program director of Al-Aqsa TV Samir Muhasin reported to MADA:"On Wednesday 30/7/2014, the journalist Sameh Mohammed Al-Ariyan, a group of citizens, journalists and paramedics were targeted at 06:00P.M during covering the events in Al-Shajaiea by a number of Israeli shells although he was wearing press signs and uniform; thus, he was killed, and his dead body was transferred to Al-Shifa hospital where they were able to recognize his body, yesterday at 11:30P.M


He also said that Israeli airplanes shelled the remains of Al-Aqsa headquarters in Al-Nasir neighborhood which was shelled two days ago when two rockets by an Israeli drone and one F16 rocket were landed on Al-Aqsa headquarters. 


The cameraman journalist of Al-Manar Agency Hmaed Radwan Al-Shobaki,23 years old, was injured yesterday 30/7/2014 during the shelling on Al-Shajaiea, and he reported to MADA:"I went to Al-Shajaiea neighborhood   at about 04:30P.M  where shelling and light fires where extensive to cover what was  going on.There were a lot of injured and killed people;thus, I tried to help paramedics staff in order to provide help for the injured people ,but we, journalists, paramedics and civil defense crews, were targeted  by a number of Israeli shells ;therefore, I was injured by a number of shrapnel all over my body. I was transferred to a hospital where I received a medical surgery to pull the shrapnel out of my abdomen. A piece of platinum was fixed on my left thigh, but the shrapnel which by I was injured in the right leg is still located there.Therefore, I might travel abroad, Turkey,Qatar,or Egypt, to receive treatment. 


MADA condemns these savage crimes committed by IOF against Palestinian   journalists and civilians, breaching international charters and laws.9 journalists and media workers were killedsince launching this Israeli aggression.1400 were killed and more than 8000 people were injured. MADA also demands the international community to move quickly in order to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, and hold the responsible accountable for committing these savage crimes. 




                                                                                                                      In the photo Journalists Daher & Al- Ariyan