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MADA condemns the assault of Palestinian security elements on Journalist Lara Kan’an

Ramallah - (1/7/2018) The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the assault on the freelance journalist and the field researcher at MADA Center Lara Samir Kanaan by members of the Preventive Security (disguised in civilian clothes) who confiscated her mobile phone and deleted all the materials, during the coverage of a demonstration organized in Nablus on Saturday.


 Lara Kanaan reported to MADA "on Saturday 30/06/2018 around 18:00 I headed to Martyrs Square in the center of Nablus, with my colleague in" Ultra Palestine "to cover a demonstration demanded to lift the sanctions on Gaza, which was called by factions of the PLO and institutions, by that time I was wearing the press vest that has the journalists syndicate logo that I am a member in. After an hour the demonstrators were divided into two groups, I continued covering the demonstration while my colleague stayed at the square, as there were other journalists in the location. While I was covering, one of the security service elements (who I know personally) headed towards me and attacked me trying to forcibly confiscate my cellphone and tried to take my phone forcibly after yelling at me to stop covering but I refused to hand over the phone and tried to resist it, I was surprised with another person who I do not know  started to hit me with his elbow on my left arm, as a result he managed to pull my phone out, while at least two other people (all of them in civilian clothes) were pulling my hair back that hurt my neck, while other hit me on my left shoulder and left the place, although Palestinian police were presented in the place but did not intervene, After around two hours, they returned my cellphone after erasing all the data on the device and the memory card, I headed to Rafidia Hospital and had some x-rays for my neck and shoulders where I had various bruises”.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) strongly condemns the attack on journalist Lara Kanaan and expresses its deep concern over the increasing attacks on journalists, in a manner that is particularly alarming and disturbing to women journalists. The same scenario has been repeated in several Palestinian cities recently.


Therefore MADA demands all official bodies to investigate this attack and all the attacks that preceded it and to publish the results thereof and to hold accountable the perpetrators and those responsible, and to take measures to prevent their continuation.