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March witnessed a significant escalation of media freedom violations in Palestine.

Ramallah- (14/4/2018), The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” documented during March 2018 a total of 46 violations against media freedoms in Gaza Strip and the West-Bank.

 The Israeli Occupation Forces committed 27 violations, some of these violations were considered as life threating to journalists, noting that, lot of journalists suffered from suffocation during the peaceful protest on Gaza borders. Wheras, 19 violations were committed by Palestinian parties.  

Facebook closed the official pages of Safa news agency and its account on Instagram, besides, to other 14 accounts that belong to managers and editors of the same agency were blocked without any previous notice.

Israeli violations:

The Israeli occupation forces committed a total of 27 violations against media freedoms, the most dangerous violations were targeting 9 journalists of which 5 journalists were targeted with live ammunition that resulted with serious injuries and critical health conditions; during their coverage of the peaceful demonstration on Gaza border.

Photographer Ahmad Salim Barbakh / Muamar was targeted with a live ammunition in his stomach after he finished covering the demonstration that was located on the east side of Khanyonis, which caused damage in his intestines, he was subjected to a surgery as doctors had to remove 30 cm of his intestines to save his life.

 While Mahmoud Adnan Madookh who he is the cameraman for Media town was targeted with live ammunition in his left leg, Wissam Atef Mousa who works in Forsan Al-Hurriya Radio station and he is also a filmmaker, was shot and hit with 2 live bullets, in his both legs one of the bullets injured him very baldy causing a severe rupture in his left leg muscle under the knee. Ahmad Kufeh was injured in his right thigh above the knee and Mohamad Ali Qadora was hit in his right shoulder.

 Noting that, all these journalists assured to MADA that they were identifiable as press (wearing their press vests) and located hundreds of meters from the borders without posing any eminent threat, but were rather performing their professional duties.

Besides, IOF arrested 3 journalists during this month.


Palestinian violations: 

Six months after Palestinian violations fell to very low levels and remained at low numbers. Palestinian violations topped to 19 violations during March as a direct result of the media center at Al-Najah National University to dismiss a group of employees and interns, for refusing to tweet on their personal accounts a hashtag about the bombing of the convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah recently in Gaza.

In addition, the security of An-Najah National University prevented the student at the media department Osama Arrar from entering the university because of a post he wrote on Facebook comparing between  his university (Al-Najah) and Birzeit University, which was considered as a harmful action to the university itself and to its employees and students.

Details of violations

 (1/3) Imad Mahmoud Hammad Abu Imad (34 years) was arrested by the Palestinian intelligence who is the programmer for Al Mashhad Al Sohyoni at Al Quds channel, for three days. Abu Imad reported to MADA : “Thursday morning (1/3/2018) I received a phone call from the Palestinian intelligence service telling me that they want to search my house, after going to the house I was surprised that they didn’t search the house but the confiscated my mobile and my personal computers, and then they arrested me”.   

Abu Imad added “then they took me to the headquarters of the intelligence service in Ramallah, and there they told me that I would leave in the afternoon. I have not interrogated it was only a half-hour chat about my media work, without any charges being brought against me.


 (2/3) Issam Rimawi Al Hayyat newspaper photographer was hit with a gas bomb in his arm while covering a peaceful demonstration in Bil`in. Rimawi reported to MADA: “on Friday (2/3) the weekly demonstration against the settlements and the apartheid wall, where it coincided with the 13th anniversary of the launch of this weekly march, the IOF fired rubber bullets, sound and gas bombs towards the demonstrators and journalists, which led a gas bomb to hit me in my left arm causing me burns and bruises, I was transferred to the Palestinian Medical Complex where I received the needed treatment and left the hospital after about 5 hours. "

The journalists who were located at the scene Al- Ghad Al Arabi correspondent, Mohammad Turkman, Hisham Abu Shaqra and Abbas Al Momani they all suffered from suffocation due to the gas bombs that were fired by the IOF.  


 (5/3) Facebook Company shut down Safa News Agency’s primary page and its standby page and its account of Instagram. Also they shutdown 14 personal accounts that belong to the agency’s managers and editors without any previous notice, Safa Agency reported to MADA (Yasser Hassan Abu Hien): “on (5/3) the standby Facebook page for the agency has been shut down which has 17,000 followers and on (24/3) the primary page has been shut down which have one million and three hundred followers, and also 4 managers in the agency’s their personal accounts were shut down and 10 editors as well.  


On (25/3) around 7:00 pm, the agency official website was hacked for about 5 minutes and some pictures where published on the website by the hackers that has nothing to do with the agency such as ISIS symbol, the agency’s technical team was able to block these hackers and get the website back. On (26/3) around 1:30 am the agency’s account on Instagram was shutdown which has 70,000 followers.


Abu Hien added all these shutdowns where done without any previous notice stating that there is no publication contrary to the Facebook publishing policy, we submitted objection letters to Facebook there first respond was that the page was shut down due to not committing to  Facebook publishing standards, until this day we are still communicating with Facebooks administration in order to get the agency’s page back and 7 personal accounts that belong to the managers and editors that work in the agency were reopened.  


 (8/3) The Israeli occupation intelligence prevented the public program coordinator at Al-Quds/ channel Nawaf Ibrahim Al- Amer (65 years) from traveling through Al-Kramer border. Al Amer reported to MADA, on (8/3) I went to AL Krameh Border to travel to Saudi Arabia for religion purposes, and while I was at Al Krameh border I was detained by the Israeli inelegance service from 10:00 AM until 3:30 PM and then they gave me my passport back and told me that I can’t travel and informed me that I’m prevented from traveling according to the Israeli intelligence service, I asked to for an interview with them but the refused, and now I raised a case trying to remove the prevention order.     



(9/3) Adel Ibrahim Abu Nimah (48 years) routers cameraman got shot with a rubber bullet while he was covering a demonstration in Jericho, Abu Nimah reported to MADA,”  on (9/3) While I was covering the clashes that were located at the southern entrance of Jericho city after Friday prayer, after the clashes intensified, the Israeli soldiers began to fire sound and gas bombs and rubber bullets intensively, resulting in a rubber bullet hit me  in my left hand between the elbow and the wrist. I received the needed medical care on the location by the Red Crescent medical team, and then I was transferred to Jericho Governmental Hospital. There my arm was X-rayed and they found out that I suffer from bruises, after all the medical examination took place I left the hospital approximately after 3 hours.


The freelance journalist Mohammad Jawad Murar (32 years) who accompanied me during a soldier's attempt to use us as a human shield, Where he deliberately approached us and tried to protect himself by standing behind us. ".

Israeli occupation soldiers and the security guards of Njihot and Metsbi Lakish settlements prevented Al-Ghad TV crew and Palestine TV crew from covering the construction of a settlement road in Beit Awa village area in Hebron governorate. They detained the crew for about an hour. Al-Ghad TV correspondent Raed Mohammad Sameer (35 years) reported to MADA” On (10/3) the television crew of Al-Ghad the correspondent Raed Mohammad Al-Sharif and the cameraman Jamil Hashim ( Mohammad Jamil) Salhab AL Tamimi (26 years) to make a TV report about connecting two settlements Njihot and Metsbi Lakish together, In coordination with the mayor of Beit Awwa. We arrived around 10:00 AM, when we started filming the construction process the settlements security who are armed settlers approached us and stood in front of the camera and imeditly an israeli occupation force surrounded us and confiscated our mobile phones, car keys, our IDs and our cameras, and informed us that this area can’t be filmed and we need a permit from the Israeli occupation, and took us to our cars and detained us in our cars for an hour and then they released us after the Palestinian liaison interfering.   


The correspondent for Palestine TV Arine Mohammad Fihmi Al-Amleh (28 years) reported to MADA” on (14/3) me the corespondant of Palestine TV and the rest of the crew, Jihad Ali Qwasmeh (45 years) the Office manager , the cameraman Iyad Abed Al-Hashlamon (30 years) and the Asstiant Mhammad Maamon khlaf (25 years) went to make a TV report about the settlement road that is being constructed to connect between the two settlements Njihot and Metsbi Lakish, we were surprised with an Israeli soldiers and settlements security surrounding us and they detained us for about 2 hours and the Israeli soldiers threatened us that they will arrest us if any picture of the location will be broadcasted. The Israeli Occupation Army informed us that this area can’t be filmed to protect the privacy of the houses that are located in the settlement to prevent Al Ghad TV crew and Palestine TV crew from making a TV report about the construction of the road.


 (11/3) the Israeli occupation army arrested the media student in Al Najah National University Ola Mohammad Hassan Marshood (21 years) after she was asked to come for integration, her sister reported to MADA “on Sunday morning my sister Ola got a phone call on her uncle’s phone to come to integration, so she went with my uncle in the afternoon to the Israeli liaison office in Huwara, after 2 hours of waiting at the office my uncle was forced to leave the office leaving my sister, and the officer informed my uncle that she will stay here for 2 days for questioning. On Tuesday (13/3) the lawyer Adel Samra was denied to visit my sister, and now she is located in Petah Tikva center not knowing the reason behind her arrest until this minute.

She also added that Ola was represented at the Petah Tikva Center for trial several times during her detention, where she served were her court dates were on 14th, 21st, 23rd, and on 28th of match, and at her final session the court decided to end the investigation but some of the legal proceedings must be completed that will be clear to us on Sunday (1/4) knowing that the lawyer was not allowed to look at the investigation file so we don’t know what kind of charges that she was accused with and on Sunday she was rpesented to Bait Salim court and was postponed until Wednesday (4/4).


 (13/3) the Israeli occupation soldiers detained Palestine TV crew and deleted the filmed material that they filmed abut detaining youth at Dair Sharaf junction near Nablus. The correspondent of Palestine TV Ahmad Abid Al Malik Ibrahim Othman Shawar (31 years) reported to MADA on (13/3) around 1:30 PM me and my colleague the cameraman Tareq Abu Zaid went from Jenin to Nablus, and when we arrived Dair Sharaf Junction Israeli occupation soldiers where detaining a group of youth and searching them, so we stepped out of the car and start filming them, an Israeli soldier saw us and came towards as and tried to confiscate our filming gear, but we refused their action, so the officer in charge came and threatened us with their weapons and ordered us to put the cameras on the ground next to the military jeep, and we were questioned about our work, and ordered us to delete what we filmed from the camera and from my personal mobile phone, and after detaining us for about an hour the released us.   


 (13/3) the case of the correspondent of Al Aqsa Tareq Abid Al Raziq Abu Zaid (43 years)  to the Supreme Criminal Court in connection with a case related to human rights claim taken by a person arrested by the Palestinian Authority two years ago. He has been detained for 37 days. He was surprised at his court on (13/3) that his case was transferred to the supreme Criminal Court, Abu Zaid reported to MADA “on the night of (17/5/2016)11:00PM I was arrested from my house in Nablus in Rafida area from a group of 5 people the identified them self’s from the Palestinian inelegance service 2 of them were wearing civil cloths and the rest were in there uniforms, without the permeation from the general attorney they searched my house for around one and half hour, while they were searching they confiscated a laptop and a camera and a couple of memory sticks most of them belong to my wife’s work were she works as an engineer.      

I was taken to the United prison in Nablus city and I was integrated during the 37 days every day on writing testimonies that belonged to previous political prisoners that suffered from torture in the Palestinian Authority prisons, these testimonies belonged to Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain, I admit writing these testimonies as writing them is my duty as a journalist and there is nothing wrong with writing such a thing.   

After all that I was released on a bail and I started attending my court hearings with the charge that I published false information that harm the state under the article 1/132, Of the Penal Code No. 16 of 1960, and the promotion of conflict between sects and various elements of the nation, contrary to Article 150 of the Penal Code of 1960.

After I was released I attended 11 court hearings during 18 months, 1 hearing every two months, a witness was asked to come to one of the last court hearings he is Hamza Fathi Al karaawi, were he said that he gave me all the information that I wrote in the testimony and I didn’t lie with any information, even so I was surprised in my last court hearing on (13/3/2018) that my case was transferred to the supreme criminal court, and a court date was assigned on 27/3/2018  at 9:00 AM, Note that the General Attorney, Mr. Wadah Khalil, considered my case in the past to be a misdemeanor, not a crime. On 27 March, at 9 am, I went to the headquarters of the Supreme Criminal Court. I waited until 12:30. After appearing before the judge, he asked me what my work is I told him that I’m a journalist; he postponed the hearing until 17th of April.

This is my second case that was transferred to the supreme criminal court; I have a previous case that is connected with cyber-crime law regarding publication on my Facebook page, were I was arrested on (7/8/2017), by the inelegance security service in Nablus city for 8 days, were a decision has been made recently to send the case back to cybercrime court and I’m waiting for a court hearing date.


 (16/3) Mohammad Najeb Nabil Razim (40 years) that works as a cameraman for American Press, got shot with a rubber bullet in his left thigh thas was fired by Israeli soldier while he was covering a demonstration at Al Bireh Northern entrance, Al Razim reported to MADA” while I was covering a demonstration around 1:30 pm I was sitting up the camera to film a report for the correspondent Amal Murar a group of Israeli soldiers around 9 of them attacked the demonstrators shooting rubber bullets and fireinggas and sound bombs, and I was shot with a rubber bullet in my left thigh 5 minutes later.   

Al Razim added while I was shot I was 200 meters away from the Israeli soldiers and wearing a shield vest having press on it, I suffered a minor cut and bruises, I got the needed medical treatment at the location in ambulance and medical officer told me that my injury was a minor injury and there is no need for me going to a hospital.


 (16/3) A Palestinian criminal investigation force raided and searched the house of journalist Yousef Nassar, who is a reporter for Al-Nakab radio station, Nassar reported to MADA” on the night of (16/3) around 11:00 PM a Criminal Investigation Force stormed my house that is located in Dora city in Hebron (4 cars 20 men some of the having masks on), they searched it in details and asked about me to arrest me but I wasn’t home, and know I’m expecting to be arrested in any second from my house or where ever I’m located. 

Nassar also reported on (20/3) around 7:00 PM I resived an official letter asking me to go to the criminal investigation office, so at 10:00 PM from the same night I went to the office, after the officer so my press ID he made some phone calls, after contacting the general Attorney he was ordered to release me immediately and I shouldn’t be detained for any reason but I have to go the next day to the court house, then we went to the second floor in the same building where the police department is located, I heard an officer on the phone, then he decided to arrest me, where is stayed that night at the police station, the next day Dora's mayor asked for me so I was sent to him where he appolgised about what happened and he said that he dosnt know why the police ackted in this way, and my case was raised in Dora's court house, where I was released without any conditions or bails, and I left around 12:00 PM that day. 

Nassar thinks that this action by the police is connected to an incident that happened in December 2017 which is publishing on his Facebook page that Dora needs a new police chief and a new mayor, regarding a corruption story at that time, due to his publication he was asked over the phone to attend the cybercrime unit but because the death of a family member he asked to postpone the investigation, but at 12:00 AM he found that a criminal investigation force was at his house waiting for him and arrested him and investigated him about his publication on Facebook, and he stayed the night in prison and in the next day he was released with a personal bail from Palestine TV Manager. He also pointed that a police officer was accused with corruption and was dismissed from his position, this officer filed a complaint on 17 people 2 days before arresting me and Nassar believes that his arrest has something to do with this complaint.  

The security of An-Najah National University prevented the media student Osama Sami Arar (24 years) from entering the university because of a publication he wrote on Facebook, where Arar reported to Mada: "On Saturday 17/3/2018 I wrote on my Facebook page a publication after visiting Birzeit University. The title of the publication was a  between Birzeit and no Nationalism, during which I described the visit to the university and the difference between it and An-Najah National University, after many phone calls asking me to change the title as a respect to Birzeit university I removed the word no nationalism from the title.

He added. "I then received a phone call from the president of the Student Union Council, Ibrahim Atta, on Tuesday 20/3. He told me that there were people looking for me at the university because of my posts on Facebook. But I thought it was a joke. The next day, I was surprised that my name and picture were circulated to all the security staff. I was transferred to the security officer. After I met him, he asked me about the publication I had written and asked me to delete it. I told him that it was a publication that expressed my opinion I was transferred to the university security director. He asked me to delete the publication and write a pledge that I had made a mistake I refused. I told him that I have to take a test on Thursday, so he told me to do my exam on time and leave the university. On Wednesday evening I wrote another publication on Facebook. I asked if the university administration could dismiss a student because of a publication on Facebook. The next day I was prevented to enter the university and taking my test.


 (17/3) Israeli soldiers prevented Maan channel from covering Israeli violations in Hebron, and detained Mohammad Khalil Hamamra (28 years) the channels cameraman for 3 hours in a military camp and questioned him, Hamamra reported to MADA, “me and my collogue Doaa Yihaya Maan correspondent to Al Takrori mountain in Hebron around 1:30 pm to cover the Israeli violation against the citizens that live there and to cover the occupation army vandalism of the lands there, as soon as we arrived the Israeli soldiers handed us a paper saying that this area is a closed military zone, and we have to leave which led us to move away from the military camp but Israeli soldiers cam towards us and arrested me.    

Hamamra added “I was taken to the army camp with my hands tied and blindfolded, and after an hour of detention, I was interrogated with ordinary questions about myself and my work, and then I received a phone call from the Israeli Civil Administration. The officer accused me of being in a closed military zone and did not obey his orders and that I was filming in a provocative manner. The officer demanded my detention for three days, but he would contact the Palestinian liaison to release me, after hours and after communication with the Palestinian liaison they released me.


 (20/3) the Palestinian intelligence detained the correspondent and editor of Al Quds news network in Hebron Abid Al Hamid Shawar Tamemi (27 years), Al Tamemi reported to MADA” I received a phone call on (20/3) at 11:00 AM from the Palestinian intelligence service in Hebron asking me to go to their office in the next day (21/3) at 10:00 am, on the same day I recived a second phone call from the same  office telling me that im wanted, I thought it’s a prank from one of my friends.   

He added, after two hours I received another phone call from the intelligence telling me that they are located near my house and I have to turn myself in to them, and as soon I stepped out of my house they arrested me and took my mobile phone, and transferred me to their office, I arrived there around 6:00AM, they told me that im arrested as soon as I arrived their office but because someone I will not be arrested, I was questioned about my media work and why I argue on the president speech via Facebook, and they also questioned me about my publications and posts I publish through Facebook, I stayed under the integration until 10:00 PM and then I was released and got my mobile phones back, in condition to come back and finish the investigation the next day. The second (21/3) I went back around 10:00 AM to the intelligence office, and the integration started by asking about the Israeli occupation storming my house twice and why I was arrested by the Israeli occupation in the past, I responded with I don’t know, I stayed under integration until 12:00 PM and then I was released without any conditions.   


 (21/3) The Preventive Security Service arrested Osama Hussein Shaheen (36 years) the correspondent for Palestinian prisoners center and for You Free and also In the mind in Britain, for days after storming his workplace that exists near his house. Shaheen reported to MADA” around 9:30 PM the Preventive security service stormed my work place in Dora city and arrested and confiscated my mobile phone, and informed me that this is just an interview with the Preventive officer, as soon as I arrived the preventive office I was questioned about my media work, I informed them that most of my work now is related to human rights in general and no in any personal rights, I went on a food strike I stopped eating and drinking from the day I was arrested, my health condition was getting worse every day and then I was transferred to the hospital, there we got into an aggrement that states ill stop my strike in the condtion of relasing me my strike was over on Saturday and I started my stike on wensday, I was tranferd to the court house and being charged with reciving money from international resources (money laundry), and I was relised with a paid 1000 JD bail, and unpaid 3000JD bail, and now waiting for the next court hearing date.  

Palestinian TV cameraman Mohammad Mahmoud 'Anayya (2) was wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet fired by an Israeli soldier from approximately 30 meters while he was covering the weekly Kufr Qaddum demonstration.Annaya reported to MADA "After Friday prayers, around 1:00 PM,me and the corespondnent for PalestineTV Ahmad Shawar where in t Kufr Qaddum village to cover the weekly demonstration We were in the area of Al-Bire (an area where there are usually clashes during the demonstration), which is about one kilometer from the closed street, that the citzens ask to reopen it,  Within minutes from our arrival, an Israeli occupation forces arrived me and my collogue were  in a neutral location away from the demonstrators and away from the army. The soldiers approached us, about 30 meters away from us, one of the soldiers fired a rubber bullet which hit me in my right sholder. I was treated in the field and then transferred to Darwish Nazzal Hospital. I stayed there for an hour getting the needed medical treatment.

 (24/3) Israeli occupation forces prevented a number of journalists from covering a tree-planting event in the city of Yatta, Hebron, and detained Palestinian TV cameraman Thaer Yousef Fakousa(38 years), who reported to MADA: on (24/3) at 11:00 AM , while I was covering a tree planting event  In the Tawam area of Yatta, a force from the Israeli army and border guards came to the area. The soldiers asked me to move away. I asked him to locate a position for me in order to do my job, he told me that this area is the military closed area. He then pushed me and held me near the military jeep for about an hour.  And after speaking with an officer of the border guards, one of the soldiers came and released me “.

The correspondent Raed Al-Sharif and the cameraman Jamil Salhab of Al-Ghad Channel, Azmi Bnat, Mashhoor Al-Wahah correspondents of Palestine TV, all were prevented from covering the event.

The Israeli occupation authorities arrested Palestine TV correspondent in Nablus, Bakr Mohammad Abdel Haq (27 years), on his way back from Cairo through the Karameh border in Jericho, The representative of the journalists union in Nablus, Jaafar Ashtiya, Reported to MADA “around 9:00 AM (24/3) Mohammad was arrested on AL Kramer border, coming back from Egypt after receiving the Arab Youth Award distinguished in the media in Cairo. Bakr was taken to the Petah Tiqva investigation center. According to the prisoner's club, on 26/3 his detention was extended for 11 days pending investigation.


 (26/3) 12 staff members were surprised at the Media center at An-Najah National University during their official working day on 26/3/2018 by handing over official letters informing them about that they are being dismissed from their work in the center, "according to a statement issued by the Media Center Of the University.

A number of journalists who were dismissed reported to MADA” that there Their dismissal" is unjustified and arbitrary And it has been because of their rejection of tweeting on their personal profile a hashtag that the administration of the center asked them to post it, that is related to the bombing of The convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah in Gaza recently.

Anwar Ayman Haj Mohammad (27 years) who graduated from AL Najah National University, and now works in the media center channel that belongs to the university for two years reported to MADA “The director of the center, Ghazi Murtaja, told us at the monthly meeting that any person who does not participate in the work of the channel and does not post the required hashtag will be responsible and liable for dismissal. 

Yasser Ammar Saed Hbisheh (22 years) who works for 9 months in al Najah channel, reported to MADA “ in the monthy meeting in march, at around 3:30 PM Bashar Draghmeh Chief editor informed us with the genereal manager Ghazi Murtaja existence that he has the right to ask his employees to post anything on their personal social media accounts (FACEBOOK) and the employees are required to obey the orders, and he also said that aren’t you ashamed from yourself by sharing different news pages on your personal Facebook accounts, he continued saying that some of the employees did post the hashtag that they were asked to post it “cowered, Reem Palestine “ but some didn’t and who do not post the required hashtag will be accountable for his action and might be dismissed from his work. 

Ayyat Farhat Farhan Abid Allah (27 years) who worked in the channel for a year and one month reported to MADA “Bashar Draghmeh Chief Editor ordered us to post a hashtag and related to the bombing of the convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah in Gaza recently “Cowered targeting. And who doesn't post this hashtag will be accountable for his action and might be dismissed from his work because he doesn't deserve to work in this media center, and we all see that the main reason for dismissing us was not posting this hashtag. 

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the director of the Media department of the Prisoners and Detainees Affairs Authority Thaer Mohammed Shrestha (33 years) after storming his home, where his father reported that "at approximately at 3:00 AM today (29 /3) an Israeli army force stormed our house, In Ramallah city. The officer asked me about all of my children. After he knew that Thaer lives in the apartment down stairs, he ordered his arrest. A number of soldiers broke into Thayer's house and searched the house quickly. Then They arrested him and left the house at about 3:30

According to Hassan Abed Rabbo, Media Advisor, the media spokesman of the Authority, "Thaer is currently in Ofer detention center, and a date has been set for the extension of his detention on Sunday (April 1) On this day a court session was held in Ofer detention camp, but the court was postponed until Wednesday 4/4.”


 (30/3) Ahmed Salem Barabakh / Muammar (23 years), was wounded by a live bullet in the abdomen, which was fired by the soldiers after he finished covering the return demonstration at the east of Khan Younis. Barabakh reported to MADA "I went around 1:30 pm on the (30/3), to the east of Khan Younis southern Gaza Strip to cover the demonstration of return day. I was wearing my press uniform. standing about 200 meters away from the demonstrators. After I finished taking pictures of the demonstration, me and my colleague Hatem Omar who works in the Chinese news agency were leaving the scene and while we were about 700 meters away from the border I was targeted with a live bullet which injured me my abdomen and by chance I was very close to an ambulance which took to Naser hospital were I got the needed medical treatment.

In Nasir Hospital, after the X-ray, 14 shrapnel were found in the lower abdomen. I underwent a three-hour operation, which included the removal of 30 cm of my intestines. Internal bleeding was controlled but I am still under observation in the hospital until today, 4.


 (30/3) Mahmoud Adnan Mdawakh (37 years) Media town cameraman, was shot with a live bullet went through his left leg while he was covering the return demonstration in Gaza, Mdawakh reported to MADA” around 10:30 AM on (30/3) I was located about 500 meters away from the border toc cover the peaceful demonstration, around 11:00 AM while I was filming from behind the demonstration, I got shot with a live bullet hitting me in my left leg, which it went through my leg and out, leaving me with a broken bone.

when I got shot I was transferred by an ambulance to Al Shifa hospital and there I got the needed medical treatment and I went under surgery for an hour and 15 minutes, and I was checked out from the hospital on (1/4).


(30/3) cameraman at the New Sin Art Production Company, Ahmed Abdel Nasser Al-Qafa (21 years), was wounded by a live bullet in the thigh. He was shot by the Israeli occupation forces while covering the return demonstration east of Khan Younis. "At approximately 2:00 PM, Qafa reported to MADA” I was in the Khuza'a area, east of Khan Younis, to cover the demonstration of return. I was about 600 meters away from the Israeli soldiers deployed at the borderline. I was wearing the pressed uniform and stood behind the demonstrators about 6 meters away. And one of the soldiers fired a bullet that entered my right thigh and came out of it at the top of my knee. "

 I was transferred by an ambulance to Nasser medical compound around 2:30 and there I got the needed medical treatment, and then I was transferred to Shuhadaa Al Aqsa hospital around 3:00 PM


 (30/3) photography assistant in the company "New Sein Art Production" Mohammed Ali qadoura (34 years) was shot in the shoulder while covering the demonstration east of Khan Younis, where qadoura reported to MADA "while I was in the Khuza'a area east of Khan Younis for media coverage, I got shot in the right shoulder by the soldiers. I was taken to the Nasser medical compound. After the having the X-rays, the bullet did not appear. I stayed there until 4 pm, and then I was transferred to Shifa Hospital to complete the tests And I remained until 12:00 PM of the next day, where I checked out of the hospital to go back for review on 9/4 in order to make sure the doctor whether the bullet exited or is it still in my shoulder


 (30/3) Al-Ghad correspondent Nevin Walid Salem (27 years) and her colleague, cameraman  Jihad Dahlan (33 years), were severely suffocated by the Israeli army's gas bombs while covering the return demonstration east of Gaza. Salem reported to MADA” The channel's cameraman Jihad Dahlan and I were about  at 10:00 am located in the area of East Gaza to cover the events of the return demonstration, we were located about 200 meters from the border fence, and most of the time we were among the demonstrators because of their large numbers

We were suffocated by gas three times during the day because the Israeli occupation forces fired gas bombs very heavily by aircraft and by means of military jeeps We were hit the first time at about one o'clock at noon and we were able to complete our work, the second time was at three o'clock in the afternoon We continued the direct coverage, but the third time, the suffocation was very severe, as gas bombs fell on us from the front and back, so we had to withdraw from the place permanently and the time was about six pm.


(30/3) APA images photographer Ashraf Mohammed Abu Amra (32 years old) was injured by a gas grenade in his foot while covering the events of the return demonstration in east of Khan Younis. Abu Amra reported tp MADA "Since 8:00 am, I have been in Khuza'a area east of Khan Yunis to cover I was wearing a protective jacket and at least 600 meters away from the border fence. Around 4:30 pm, the Israeli army began to directly target the demonstrators, including journalists, by firing live bullets, sound and gas bombs. In the meantime, I was hit by a bomb Gas in my left foot causing me to vomit, and I was taken by ambulance to a tent in the same area where he I was treated. However, Ithe next day I went to shuhada Al Aqsa hospital because  I felt strong pain,  and there my foot was X-rayed and got the needed treatment for about 1 hour and a half. "


(30-3) Israeli soldiers prevented a number of journalists from covering a demonstration in Ramallah and fired sound bombs at them, causing the media student who is a volanter at the Iranian channel Ayat Khaled Arqawi (27 years) to be injured. Arqawi reported to MADA, me and the agents

Hadi Sabarna, a trainee at the modern college, and Hisham Abu Shakra, the correspondent of the Turkish Anatolian Agency at the northern entrance of Al-Bireh (near Beit El checkpoint), to cover the demonstration of the land day. At approximately 2:00 pm, Israeli soldiers tried to remove us from the area Even though we were standing opposite the army. We lessened to their orders and moved away, as soon as we started moving they fired gas bombs towards us and fell right beside me, while I was trying to run away I fell down and injured my left knee and both of my palm, after the medical team arrived the soldiers were teasing them and trying to film us while I prevented them from filming us by putting my hands on the camera.

I got the needed treatment in the felid by the ambulance crew, but in the evening my knee was hurting me so bad so I went to the hospital and the cleaned it and removed small stones and dirt from it, I was in so much pain that it prevented me from walking normally.


)31/3) Wissam Atef Salah Mousa (37 years old), a journalist in the Radio of Forsan Al Hurya and a filmmaker, was shot with two live bullets by the Israeli occupation forces while he was covering the return demonstration east of El Bureij in Gaza Strip. Mousa reported to MADA on (31/3) I went to the east of al-Bureij to cover the peace demonstration of return. The number of demonstrators was not large in the meantime, and I was more than 400 meters away from the separation fence. Sometimes I approached the demonstrators and sometimes moved away from them. While was near an ambulances, I was targeted with live ammunition, live bullets injured me in my both legs the one in my left leg did hit me and went through my whoch ripped my leg, I was transferred immediately to al Shifa hospital where I got the needed medical treatment there.