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Israeli Occupation Shut Down 10 Media Offices

Ramallah-(18/10/2017) - The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” strongly condemns the Israeli Occupation escalated attacks against Palestinian Media and media freedoms in Palestine.


The last attack included the shutting down of 3 media production companies and its branches in Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, and Bethlehem; after storming its headquarters pampering, destructing and confiscating its equipment in an attempt to silence the Palestinian Media through its severe attacks and discriminatory policies.


Noting that, these companies have been operating since years and work on providing media services to numerous TV channels and Palestinian and others Arabic and foreign media outlets.

A wave of attacks by the Israeli occupation forces at dawn on Wednesday (18-10-2017) included storming, confiscating and destroying equipment and shut down a total of 10 headquarters and offices of the companies "Pal Media" "Trans Media" and "Ramsat" in the cities of Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus; from which a total of 94 journalists and employees are working.
Besides, the arrest of the director of Trans Media in Hebron, Amer Al-Ja’bari, and the managing director of the same company, Ibrahim Al-Ja’bari.



Israeli Occupation forces implemented and carried out these serious and massive attacks simultaneously, as dozens of soldiers stormed the headquarters of the three companies, confiscated their contents and deported them with trucks, as well as, closing the main entrances of these companies with metal panels installed at the front doors of the headquarters and the media offices, in addition to, hanging military orders on its front doors that stipulates its shut down for a period of  six months on allegations of  "practicing incitement" as stated in the closure orders. (Please check the attached photo)


Ibrahim Bishara Alhusari financial manager of Trans-media reported to MADA “Israeli occupation forces stormed Trans Media headquarters in Al-Quds Bank building in Al-Bireh at around 2 am today (18-10-2017). They confiscated equipment in the office, which is used for television work, including cameras, editing equipment, and lighting equipment, besides , audio devices worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and soon after their withdrawal we headed to the headquarters of the company and found that the doors were closed with iron panels suspended with closure military order of Trans Media for six months on the pretext that it provides services and facilities the work of  institutions that incite for terrorism. Noting that, we provide huge services to various media outlets such as Palestine today, TRT Turkish Arabic and English, AlGhad Al Arabi, the Arab channel, Orient, in addition to foreign channels such as the BBC ".


He also added "at the same time of storming the headquarters of the company in Albireh they also stormed other branches of the company in Nablus and Hebron, besides to confiscating several equipment and the order of shutting them down, noting that, IOF summoned the director of the Hebron office, Amer al-Ja’bari, and the administrative director Ibrahim al-Jabari, on the phone, claiming that they did not want to break into the office, and arrested them, afterwards, they directed  to Amer's house and confiscated his mobile phones".


Mahmoud Naji Zakarneh who works in photography and editing in Ramsat reported to MADA”the company's headquarters in Nablus and Ramallah have been stormed, all equipment and all media items have been confiscated, iron panels have been installed on the front door with a military closure order for a period of six months”.


He also added, “it is hard to estimate the value of what was confiscated, although they listed all items and equipment that were confiscated on the entrance that was later shut down for six months”.
Noting that, this was similarly repeated with the offices of Pal-media as IOF stormed its offices that are located in the ninths and tenth floor of “Palestine tower” in Ramallah, besides, its other offices that are located in Bethlehem, Nablus and Hebron, and confiscated most of its equipment and shutting the front door with metal panels and hanged a military closure order on its front door that states it is shut down for six months and warns not to comply, however, Pale-media provides media services to several channels including (Alquds, Russia today , Al-Mayadeen, Almanar and Syria)”.


We at the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) are gravely concerned about the drastic violations which we believe is a new harsh blow to the media profession and media freedoms in Palestine generally, that attempts to exile and silence the Palestinian media through shutting it down, and incurring it huge loses and prosecute it under the allegation and pretext of incitement, besides, to all other physical violations and assaults Palestinian journalists are exposed to in the field, we hereby call on all media and human rights international organizations to put real pressure on the Israeli Occupation Authorities to reopen all these media outlets and repair them of the losses and return all confiscated items and equipment, and to put an end to all violations that target media freedoms and hold all perpetrators accountable.