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MADA welcomes the release of Qawasmi and demands the release of Amr

Ramallah, 6/9/2017 The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) welcomes the release of Ayman Naeem Al-Qawasmi the chairman of Al-Hurriya Radio, who was arrested by the Palestinian Preventive Security on 3/9/2017.


 AL-Qawasmi said to MADA after he was released this morning: “I received a phone call from the Preventive Security Service in Hebron on Sunday at 1:30 pm, to go immediately to the Preventive Security office, after I arrived at their office; I was directly interrogated about the video that was published after the broke into Al-Hurriya Radio station, in which I said that the Palestinian president, the prime minister and the governor should resign if they can’t protect the   institutions.


They asked me about the reason for posting this video, I replied that it was published in an angry moment after the radio equipment was destroyed and confiscated by the occupation forces[1]. They actually understood my reasons. In the next day, the Legal Adviser came and wrote my statement, and I signed it. On the third day, the prosecution came and extended my detention 24 hours; until I was released this morning at 9:00 am without any conditions.


On the other hand, MADA Center demands the release of the activist Issa Ismail Amro, who was arrested on 3/9/2017, according to his brother Ahmed, who reported to MADA “A force from the Preventive Security Service came to our house in Hebron at about 11:30 pm. Issa was not at home. They called him and informed him to present himself at their headquarters for five minutes, but he replied that he will go there tomorrow. The next day at around 12:00 pm he headed to the headquarters of the preventive security service and did not return yet, according to lawyer Sulaiman al-Husseini, the preventive security service did not report any information about the reasons for the arrest and that Issa is still under interrogation, and that even the members of the preventive security service are unaware of the reason for his arrest. He also informed us that today 06/09/201 they extended his detention for 24 hours for further interrogation.


Amro, posted on his Facebook page before his arrest: “a ( woman) journalist was threatened by members of the security services after she posted the news of arresting Ayman Al-Qawasmi, I hope that all journalists spread this information as it 100% true, not a rumor”


MADA Center condemns the arrest of journalists and activists for expressing their opinions and demands an end to this policy.



[1] Look: