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“MADA: the shutdown of Manbar Al-Huria Radio and Al-Nawras TV a grave breach of freedom of expression”


On 31/08/2017 Israeli Occupation forces shutdown Manbar Al-Huria radion and Al-Nawras local TV in Hebron; a grave breach of freedom of expression.

Ayman Qawasmi the chairman of Manbar Al-Huria reported to MADA “around 01:30 am of Thursday’s night a large troop of Israeli Forces raided  the headquarters of Manbar Al-Huria Radio that is located in Alhzerat building in Hebron; destructing all its contents and equipment that include, computers, broadcasting equipment, photocopiers, telephones and mixers estimated loss of the Radio station is around 450-500 thousands dollar; as he clarified that the equipment used by the radio station are very sophisticated at the Arab world level, after the raid  they handed us a warrant of shutting down the radio station for 6 months, after they closed the door with “red wax”.

After that Israeli forces headed towards Al-Nawras TV (as I am one of the partners) that is located in the same building, the cut all the cables, and confiscated all the equipment including computers, transmitter and broadcast devices, mixer, cameras, the loss of the TV station is approximately 150 thousand dollars, and they left the place after 4 hours. Noting that, at the radio station there is around 56 employees, and 8 others work at Al-Nawras TV.

MADA center condemn such violation against Manbar Al-Huria radio station and Al-Nawras TV, and calls on the international community to put pressure on Israel to stop such practices, cancel the decision of shutting down media outlets and return all confiscated equipment; a breach of international treaties mainly the right to freedom of expression.