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MADA demands the release of journalists Qaiq and Alloul

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom “MADA” demands the release of  Muhammad Qaiq, correspondent of Majd Saudi News TV, who was arrested by IOF since 21st of November 2015, rather than transferring him to Administrative detention for a period of six months. Thus, his wife- Faiha Shalash- confirms that he was suffering severe healthy conditions; due to his hunger strike since 42 days. She also reported to MADA: “Qaiq is now at Afula hospital(north of Israel) since Wednesday, 30th of December 2015. Thus, the lawyer Mahmoud Jabareen told us that Qaiq health’s condition is retreated, and he is suffering severe tiredness. Consequently, he is unable to walk by himself, in addition to vomiting and urinating blood. However, Israeli Occupation Authorities threatened to force-feed him if he doesn’t stop his hunger strike.”

Hence, MADA urges all International Human Rights and Freedom of Expression Organizations to put pressure on Israeli Occupation Government to release Qaiq; in order to save his life that face an imminent threat due to his hunger strike.  


On another hand, MADA condemns the detention of Ayman Ghazi Alloul (44 years old), Alforat Iraqi TV and German “DW” TV correspondent- and demands to release him and Ramzi Herz Allah, who is a youth activist in Gaza Strip, in addition to respecting freedom of expression which guaranteed  by Palestinian Basic Law.

 Thus, Muhammad Ayman Alloul (Ayman’s son) reported to MADA: “Saturday, 2nd of January 2016, a security force arrested my father at 5:30 pm, after raiding our house in Gaza city, and confiscation the two laptops of my father and mother, and in order to know the reasons for that, we must ourselves present at the headquarter of the National Security Forces, which located at “Annsar” district in Gaza Strip.

However, they phoned me to be present at the headquarter of Interior Security, and then they asked me to put the passwords of the two laptops, I therefore agreed to open my father’s laptop, while I refused to open my mother’s one due to having personal pictures. After that, they allow me to meet my father without talking to him, and he was actually very exhausted and suffering severe tiredness. However, an officer informed me that the posts of my father on his Facebook page are the main reason for his detention, especially the post of “#Salmo Al-Ma’bar” (Handing over crossing) (the crossing is controlled by Hamas security forces). Hence, they claim that his posts can actually raise conflicts and threatening the security of the government.”