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Manbar Al-Huriya Radio was shut down by IOF

RAMALLAH (3/11/2010) - Israeli Occupying Forces violations against Media Freedoms in Palestine escalated sharply, since the beginning of last month, and reached new peak today “Tuesday 3/11/2015”, when the IOF raided and shut down the headquarter office of “Manbar Al-Huriya Radio Station” for six months, after destructing and confiscating most of their broadcasting equipment, for allegedly involved in “exercising incitement “
Ayman al-Qawasmi –Chairman of “Manbar Al-Huriya Radio Station" reported to The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA”  that 13 Israeli patrols surrounded the headquarters of the radio station; which is located in Harizat building near the traffic department in Hebron , at approximately 1:50 AM on Tuesday the 3rd of  November 2015, dozens of IOF raided the office and searched it, stopped the broadcasting , confiscated broadcasting equipment , and carried out destruction to several equipment as (Computers, Microphones, mixers rather than the furniture and the décor of the office).
Al-Qawasmi also reported that two of the Radio workers were in office by that time (presenter: Mahmoud Agueniba , and audio Engineering: Mohammed Abido), who were handed two official papers states, they should present themselves to the Occupation Intelligence office, on Tuesday 03/11/2015, they also handed the radio station a decision to shut it down for a period of six months, for allegedly involved in “exercising incitement “.
Israeli Occupying Forces attack against” Manbar Al-Huriya Radio Station”; which is followed up widely amongst Palestinians; and employs more than 30 journalists and media workers, coincided the International day to end Impunity yesterday 02/11/2015, which provides an additional evidence that Israel disregard all calls of respecting media freedoms, and the importance to immediately respond and stop committing those systematic crimes and violations against journalists and media freedoms in Palestine .
MADA condemns the attack against “Al-Huriya Radio Station”, it urges the International Community to put pressure on the Israeli Government, to cancel the latest decision which stipulates to shut down the radio stations for six months, rather than returning the confiscated equipment, and reimbursement for all destructed equipment.
Finally, MADA urge the international community to force the Israeli Occupying Government, to abide by International Laws that guarantee Freedom of Expression.
-MADA  Special Report on the Targeting of Palestinian Media Outlets by the IOF: