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On The International Day to End Impunity

MADA: more than 450 violations of media freedoms since the beginning of the year.
Ramallah- 02/11/2015 the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” condemns the ongoing violence against Palestinian journalists by the Israeli Occupying Forces. However, all monitored systematic attacks against journalists that took place last month, particularly, last Fridays’ violations, indicates that continued impunity with lack of accountability encourage the IOF  to commit more crimes and assaults.
On the International Day to End Impunity- (the second of November each year), MADA would like to assure, that it is time to stop all crimes and violations against Palestinian Journalists, specially more than 450 violations were committed against media freedoms in Palestine since the beginning of the year, including more than one hundred violations were committed during the previous month October, the IOF committed the largest and most serious numbers of them.
Whilst, last year witnessed the most brutal violations against journalists, as 17 journalists and media workers were killed during the Israeli aggression “operation protective edge” last year in Gaza Strip that topped to 465 violations; including 351were committed by IOF and 114 violations committed by the Palestinian party.
On the other hand, Palestinian violations witnessed an enormous escalation this year; hence, it is quite essential to end all assaults and violation through accountability, preventing censorship and persecution of journalists and activists regarding their opinions and comments on social media, despite the fact that the Palestinian Basic Law and International treaties and Conventions (ratified by State of Palestine last year) all ensured protected and guaranteed freedom of expression.
On the International day to end Impunity, we at” MADA” would like to greet all Palestinian and foreigner journalists for their commitment and dedication in carrying out their professional duty, despite all difficulties and risks they are exposed to, in addition we reaffirm the importance to call for accountability against all aggressors who committed killings and murdering of journalists either last year or the years that preceded it.
Finally, we urge the international community to force the Israeli occupying government, to abide by International Laws, UN resolutions and International Conventions that guarantee freedom of expression and protection of journalists.