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MADA: “103 violations against women journalists during the past 5 years”


Ramallah –26th May 2015: the Palestinian center for development and media freedoms “MADA” issued its special report on the attacks and violations that women journalists faced in Palestine during the past 5 years.


Mr. Mousa Rimawi, MADA’s general director, stated that the report addresses the abuses and violations suffered by women journalists since the beginning of 2010 until the end of April 2015, across a range of tables and figures which show types and numbers of assaults on women journalists, and the path and escalation of these violations, and who committed these violations, in addition to some testimonies of the risks and pressure women journalists face while perusing their career, and covering in the field.


Rimawi explained that during the past 5 years (beginning of 2010 until end of 2014) MADA monitored 103 violations against women journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and 14 violations monitored during the 1st third of 2015. And that the Israeli Occupation committed the bulk and most serious of all these attacks, committing 66 violations, while the Palestinian sides committed 36 violations, since the beginning of 2010 until the end of 2014.

The report indicated that the attacks against women journalists remained swinging at similar and relatively low rates until 2014, which saw a unprecedented jump, where the number of violations and attacks against women journalists doubled more than three times, where the first third of 2015 maintained a high pace of attacks against women journalists (what was monitored in four months exceeded what was recorded during 2013, for example).


MADA’s PR Ghazi Bani Odeh said that The largest type of violation committed against women journalists was physical assaults, with 45 physical attack (one was a murder), accounting for more than 68% of the total violations committed by the occupation forces against women journalists during the past five years. It is clear that prevention of coverage implemented by the Israeli occupation the Palestine was the most prominent engine of the occupation army to commit these violations against women journalists and, of course, those committed against journalists in general.


 While the total violations committed by Palestinian sides against women journalists since the beginning of 2010 until the end of 2014, were equivalent to 61% in the Gaza Strip, and in the West Bank equivalent of 39%.


Bani Odeh explained that Physical attacks were the lead types of violations suffered by women journalists committed by Palestinian sides, and by reading the set of numbers related to the Palestinian violations against female journalists shows that the bulk came in the context of attempts to prevent the coverage of some events or activities that do not appeal to some of the Palestinian sides, or pressure on female journalists and intimidating them to refrain from covering, through direct prevention at times, and the threat or summons or detention, and the confiscation of some of the equipment at other times, this as well as some physical attacks actually occurred to prevent coverage of the events or certain activities.


This report is the work of MADA’s monitoring program of media violations in Palestine implemented with support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), during the past few years, MADA issued three special reports: "the targeting of journalists during peaceful marches by the occupation” and "Internet and freedom of expression in Palestine”, in addition to a report on the confiscation of equipment from the Palestinian media. MADA also issued a special report entitled "journalism in Gaza in the crossfire" documenting what has happened to media freedoms in Gaza during the Israeli aggression during summer of 2014, funded by the International Media Support (IMS).



(Photo By: Field researchers Association) Christine Rinawi  Palestine TV correspondent  injured 


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