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MADA :Kidnapping media student in Ramallah


On the evening of the 2nd April in Ramallah, Bara Alqadi a 22 year old media student and the president of the media club at Birzeit University was kidnapped and beaten by 4 masked and unknown men.


Alqadi reported to the Palestinian center for Development and Media Freedom (MADA) that: “at around 7pm, my sister and I left a restaurant in Ramallah Altahta area, when 4 masked attacked us and started beating us, they let my sister alone, and covered my eyes and kidnapped me to a different area where   they continued to beat me with their feet on my hands, head, and legs, I was left there alone”.


Alqadi also reported that he was unable to identify his attackers because they were masked and they blind folded him, and their voices were also unfamiliar and unrecognizable, but he had received 2 anonymous phone calls with Israeli numbers with threats of getting, attacked, kidnapped, and killed, and that they came after he posted an ironic criticism of President Abu Mazen.


 He was treated at Ramallah hospital and his medical examination showed bruises in different parts of his body.

Alqadi have been detained by Palestinian security services in September 2014 and December 2015 for writings press reports and his comments on Facebook.


MADA expresses deep concern from this dangerous violation, and we demand that the Palestinian police find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.