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MADA condemns the threats of “ISIS-Gaza” against journalists and artists

Ramallah, 2/12/2014 - The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) expresses its deep concern about the threats against 18 journalists, writers and poets contained in a declaration issued in the Gaza Strip on Monday 1/12/2014 by the so-called “Islamic State (ISIS) – Gaza”. 


The statement accuses those journalists and artists of apostasy, insult to Islam and God, and immoral writings, and threatens that the Islamic State will indict them of apostasy if they do not return to Islam.


The following journalists and writers were targeted: Dunia Al-Amal Ismael, Khaled Jum’a, Ali Abu Khattab, Dua’ Kamal, Iyad Al-Bal’awi, Atef Abu Saif, Hussam Ma’rouf, Mohammad Al-Sheik Yousef, Othman Hussein, Nidal Al-Ta’mawi, Akram Al-Sorani, Yousef Al-Qadra, Sahar Mousa, Samah Al-Sheik Deeb, Manal Miqdad, Ahmad Yaqoub, Naser Rabah, Wissam Oweida, and others whose names were not explicitly mentioned.


MADA condemns this declaration and the threats it contains against writers and journalists, which constitute a very worrying phenomenon, unprecedented in Palestine and alien to the Palestinian society.


MADA  considers this statement a serious threat to freedom of expression as well as individual and  public freedoms in Palestine. It requests Palestinian officials in Gaza to open a serious investigation to find its authors and hold them accountable.