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MADA demands the release of the journalist Al-Titi

Ramallah- MADA- The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) demands the release of Al-Aqsa TV correspondent Ala’ Al-Titi (aged 32). Ala’ was accused with money laundering, even though the money (2000 $) that was transferred to his bank account, is his salary that was transferred late during the Israeli attack on Gaza.


The Palestinian Intelligence forces arrested Al-Titi on Tuesday 4/11/2014, his brother Abdul Qader reported to MADA: “Since Tuesday afternoon the intelligence forces were moving around our house, we knew they were keeping their eye on Ala’. They did not enter the house and they called his friends “not Ala’ directly” to tell him to go to the intelligence headquarter in Hebron (to drink a cup of coffee). Ala’ went between 6:30 - 7:00 PM to their headquarters and did not come back. The intelligence forces told us not to publish anything about investigating with Ala’ but we published the news after 12:00 AM on Thursday night when he did not return home. The lawyer tried to visit him on Wednesday but his request was refused until he brings a pemision from the general prosecution”.


Al-Titi appeared to the general prosecution after being arrested for 48 hours and he will appear on Sunday to the magistrate court to make the decision of renewing his arrest. MADA’s lawyer Ra’ed Abdulhamid is following Ala’s court step by step with Ala’s lawyer Khalid Qouqas.


Accusing Al-Titi with money laundering for his salary coincides with the Bethlehem court’s decision of releasing the freelance journalist Ghassan Najajra (aged 24). Najajra was arrested by the Palestinian intelligence forces for 15 days with accusation of provoking sectarian strife by his writings on Facebook.


As MADA welcomes Bethlehem court decision of releasing Najajra, the center demands the release of the journalist Al-Titi as well as an end to chasing the journalists. MADA considers these actions as violations against freedom of media and expression.