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MADA condemns the killing of journalists Fahjan, Ayad and Al-Deiri

Ramallah- 2/8/2014: The Palestinian center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA), strongly condemns the Israeli occupation forces “IOF” killing of  freelance journalist Shadi Hamdi Ayad  today in Gaza city, and targeting of  the journalist Abdullah Nasr Fahjan (21 years old) in Rafah city yesterday, which caused his death after around three hours, MADA also condemns, in addition of  targeting Reuters’ Photojournalist, Mousa Issa Al-Qawasme (31 years old), and injuring his left knee as a result of shooting him yesterday in Hebron city in the West Bank.


Freelance  Journalist Shadi Hamdi Ayyad, 24 years old, was killed todaya (02/08/2014), following the shelling of  alzaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City by IOF,  his father  who was accompanying him was killed also. Ashraf  alqudra the spokesman of  the Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement that the two men arrived at Shifa Hospital after being targeted by Israeli aircraft.


Ahmad Fahjan (Abdullah’s brother), reported to MADA: “Abdullah was taking photos at Al-Falouje street in Al-Jineene neighborhood in Rafah, of the citizens who left their houses in the western Rafah, (The Israeli soldiers have ordered these people to move out of their houses to bomb the neighborhood), at that time, an Israeli drone targeted him at around 12:20 pm, and he got severe injuries in his head as a result of the attack, so he was taken to Abu Yousif Al-Najjar hospital in Rafah, and because his serious injuries besides the lack of medical supplements in the hospital, he was taken to the European hospital (In Khanyounis neighborhood), but they couldn’t save his life and he died at around 3:00 pm.


Today also died photojournalist at Palestinian Network for  Press and Media, Mohammed Nur al-Din Al-Dairi, 26 years old,  from a severe wounds he suffered in the head on 30/07/2014, after the shelling of the Shojae'ya market in Gaza City by IOF, then he was transferred Shifa Hospital for treatment  and died today (02/08/2014). At about 2:00 am, according to Naser abu AlFoul, the network head report to MADA center.


 The killing of Fahjan, who used to work for Al-Aqsa sport website, Sada Al Mala’eb website, and freelance photo journalist, photo journa Al-Dairi and journalist Ayad, rise the victims of Palestinian media to twelve since the beginning of the savage Israeli attack on Gaza, since 27 days.


Reuter’s Photographer, Mousa Al-Qawasme, reported to MADA: “While we were covering a demonstration in Bab Al-Zawye in Hebron’s city center, we were close to the Israeli forces, an officer threw stun grenades at us, and three of these grenades fell next to my feet, then I went closer to the place near the protesters and stood behind a pole to protect myself, where the snipers spread in a strange way and their number was much more than usual. Even though I was wearing the journalist uniform and badges, the snipers shot me live bullet  in my left knee, and the CT scan showed that the bullet was divided into two parts. Meanwhile I am at Alya hospital in Hebron, where there is no possibility for my treatment, I only take Antibiotics and still waiting until take me to Al-Ahli hospital in Hebron or Al-Maqased hospital in Jerusalem.


MADA strongly condemns the killing of Fahjan, Ayad and Al-Dairi, and the injuring  of Al-Qawasme. MADA demands the stop of the Israeli crimes against Palestinian journalists, and emphasizes again the need of the move of the International society in order to protect the journalists and to hold the responsible accountable for killing and assaulting them.




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