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MADA:IOF killed the Journalist Abu Haien

Ramallah- 24/7/2014:Israeli occupation forces killed Al-Kitab TV’s Preparation Programmer, Abdulrahman Ziad Abu Hayyin ,28 years old,yesterday morning, after shelling  their house in Al-Shajaia neighbourhood in Gaza city,whom is the third Journalist  killed after killing the journalist Khalid Hamad and media worker Hamed Shihab by IOF since launching Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip.


Whose uncle the journalist Yasser Abu Haien reported to MADAreported to MADA: “Our three-floor house was shelled by two Israeli F16 rockets without a previous warning  on Wednesday at 05:00A.M., which caused the murder of my nephew journalist Abed Al Rahman who was married with a daughter,the murder of my father, Hasan Abu Haien ,81 years old,as well as the murder of my other nephew, Osama Abu Haien ,30 years old, who worked as an engineer, the attack harmed other 15 people,it also damaged my brother’s four -floor house which locates next to our house, where 12 people live.”


The cameraman journalist of Palestine Today(Filisitin Al-Youm) TV Sami Thabet was injured when he was at Al-Aqsa Hospital to cover what was going on. Mr.Thabet reported to MADA:“The hospital was targeted by IOF on 21/7/2014 with bombs and shells ;thus;I was injured by shrapnel in the left arm,besides some bruises in the head and knee. I received aid at hospital,but the shrapnel still located in my arm, waiting my body resistance for it,or to have a surgery if it stays."


In the West Bank, the IOF arrested Raya FM network correspondent, Mahmoud Abu Khdeir,from his house in Shu’fat neighborhood in Jerusalem yesterday early in the morning,as his wife reported to MADA.

On 21/7/2014,the freelancer photo journalist Amjad Arafa was injured by a bullet in the left shoulder near Al-Maqased hospital in Jerusalem,as he reported to MADA.


The Palestinian Centre for development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns these violent and savage crimes committed by the IOF, especially killing the journalist Abu Haien.MADA also condoles Abu Haien’s family and stresses on  the necessity to guarantee Palestinian journalists protection and hold IOF accountable for committing these crimes.




                                                                                                                                Photo By: Safa Press Agency