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MADA : IOF killed photo Journalist Khalid Hamad

Ramallah-20/7/2014:Israeli occupation forces committed another crime against Palestinian Journalists when they killed the photo journalist Khalid Hamad,26, who works for The Continue Agency for Television Production, even he was wearing a press jacket ,while he was covering Israeli occupation forces aggression on Al-Shujaieh neighbourhood in Gaza city.


His kinsman reported to the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA):”The martyr Khalid Riyad Hamad was in Al-Shajaieh neighbourhood at 06:00 am with an ambulance to cover the events there. The ambulance was shelled and he was injured while he was wearing press uniform. He was not transferred to a hospital since the ambulance was prevented to go there. At 10:00 am he was found dead in Al-Shajaieh neighbourhood-AL-Bazar street,and then, he was transferred to al-Shifa hospital.”He also mentioned that Mr.Hamad married four months ago and his wife is pregnant right now.  


The general director of MADA Mr.Mousa Rimawi said that this violent and savage crime committed by IOF will be added on the crimes chain committed by occupation forces against journalists, killing “Media 24”’s driver Hamid Shihab in a deliberate targeting on the tenth of this month, injuring several journalists and targeting media outlets since the beginning of  Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip 13 days ago.


Mr.Rimawi pointed out that the Israeli governmental media office warned foreign journalists in Gaza strip that Israel is not responsible on what they might face ”  injury or damage that may occur as a result of field reporting.”, which indicates that IOF will target more journalists under the pretext that Hamas is using journalists as “ Human shields “, and  its  an attempt to  pressure  them to stop covering Israeli aggression on Gaza, especially after  their covering of the  children massacre  by IOF, while they were playing on the beach, which provoke  wide reaction  in the  international  arena .


Mr.Rimawi stresses again that the international community is demanded to move instantly to protect journalists, and stop Israeli aggression on Gaza where more than  400 Palestinians were killed, and more than  3,000 were injured, most of them are women and children, In addition to the extensive damage of citizens’ houses, schools, hospitals and infrastructure, and to hold IOF accountable for their crimes against journalists and civilians.




                                                                                                                               Photo By: Safa Press Agency