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MADA: Occupation forces confiscated Trance Media equipment

Ramallah - 18/6/2014: The Palestinian center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) has monitored i various violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against journalists and media outlets in the West Bank today and yesterday.


The occupation forces raided Trance Media headquarters in Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus, they confiscated all the equipment. The IOF also detained Ajyal-Radio Network’s photographer, Yehya Habayib while he was covering different attacks committed  in Hebron, in the early hours of Wednesday morning 18/6/2014.


Trance Media’s owner and chairman, Amer Al-Ja’abary, reported to MADA that the Israeli occupation forces confiscated equipment around a million dollars’ worth. The company’s headquarters contains newest and latest cameras and broadcasting equipment, since the company provides media services for 10 international, Arabic and local TV stations, therefore the company will not be able to continue its work in the coming days because there are no available equipment.

Al-Jabary added: “ The occupation patrols were accompanied with huge 4X4 that carried all the equipment as clear in the  link.


Yehya Habayib reported to MADA, that while he was covering the incidents in Aqabet Taffouh area in Herbon, an Israeli soldier asked him to stop photographing them while they were seaching a store until they leave, he immediately stopped. Later on, Habayib started taking photos of the store and making interviews with the people in the neighborhood, as well as trying to make an interview with the soldier, but the soldier seized his 2 cellphones and camera, then he cuffed his hands, blindfolded him and dragged him to an unknown area. Habayib added: “We walked for around half an hour and then I was seated in a military vehicle for another half an hour, later they took me to a place that I figured out later, was a house under renovations. They punched and humiliated me all the way long, and when we arrived to the house, one of the soldiers took the fold away from my eyes and said to me: “I will let you hear a sound you will like a lot”, and he started breaking two cellphones, the camera and the memory cards.”


Habayib was dragged again to an unknown area between Taffouh and Halhoul town nourth of Hebron, taken out of their military vehicle and been told to manage his affairs by himself. Habayib added that his detention was from 3 AM until 8 AM.


On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Al-Aqsa TV’s manager in the West Bank, Aziz Kayed from his house around 1:00 am Tuesday. Kayed’s daughter, Maryam, reported to MADA that the Israeli forces raided their house in Ramallah and arrested her father, after a short talk with him outside his house, that didn’t last for more than half an hour.


On the same day, the Israeli forces prevented’ photographer, Abdulrahman Younis, from photographing while he was covering a traffic crisis caused by the Israeli forces on the Container checkpoint in the West Bank. Younis reported to MADA that he was heading-off to take photos of the traffic crisis on the checkpoint, and during that, the Israeli occupation forces came close to him, started cursing him and seized his camera and deleted all the photos from it. They also threatened to arrest him and to break his camera if he took photos next time.


These violations come in a series of collective punishments imposed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, besides preventing Palestinian prisoners from watching TV and reading newspapers, which is against the International humanitarian law, since the disappear of three  young settlers on Friday,.


MADA emphasizes the need of a firm stand by the international community and to push the Israeli occupation authorities to stop it’s violations against the Palestinian media, and to bring back the confiscated equipment and to stop the collective punishments against the Palestinian society.





                                                                                                                          Picture source: Wattan Tv Website