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MADA demands an immediate investigation for today’s attack on journalists in Ramallah

Ramallah – 11/06/2014: This morning Palestinian security services assaulted a large group of journalistswho were covering a sit-in organized by female Hamas activists against the political detention of Hamas members at the Manara roundabout in Ramallah. According to their testimonies, the security forces insulted them, confiscated some of their equipment, and prevented them from filming the event.


Thoseassaulted were the cameraman of theFilistinAl-Yom TV cameraman Hadi Al-Dibbs, the photo-journalist Muhammad Jaradat, the correspondent of MaanTV FirasTannina, the chief editor of WatanTV Ali Daraghma, Maan cameraman Ahmad Milhim, the cameramanof Palestinian Public TVAnas Abu Arqoub, the photo-journalist Sa’idHawari, the cameraman of transmediaMuathAmarne, and the photographer of Al-Nadul agency MuathMashaal.


Hadi Al-Dibbs told MADA that plainclothes security forces attacked and punched him, then tried to seize his camera and prevented him from taking photos. He reports having injuries on his face.


Muhammad Jaradat explained to MADA that while he was taking photos from his office overlooking Manara square, security forces suddenly raided his office, tried to take his camera, and then took him to the police station. He was released after a short while. He added that his colleague Anas Abu Arqoub was also detained and then released, and that Sa’edHuwari was also attacked.


FirasTannina reported that the security forces were pushing the journalists violently and seizing their cameras. He explained that when he tried to calm them down, saying that they were journalists and ought to be treated with respect, they hit him. He added that he suffers from severe pain in his right arm and has received medical treatment from the Red Crescent.


Ali Daraghma indicated that the security forces tried to hit him and to detain him while he was covering the demonstration with his colleague Ahmad Milhim. He was hit in the chest and suffers from pain in the thorax.


MuathAmarne reported that the security forces attacked him and hit him with their hands and cudgels. They also broke his camera. He added that he was later on brought to the police station where hereceived a fair treatment. He has filed an official complaint against the aggressor. He reported several bruises in his face and neck, and pains in different parts of his body.



MADA condemnsin the strongest words these attacks on journalists, which constitute a flagrant violation of media freedoms and freedom of expression. MADA demands an end to these assaults, which have witnessed a worrying escalation since the beginning of the current month. MADA also requests that an investigation committee be immediately formed and that those responsible be held accountable.




Journalist Firas Tannina receiving medical treatment