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MADA Demands an Investigation on the Attack against the Journalist Khateeb

MADA, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, condemns the attack perpetrated on the cameraman of Al-Aqsa TV, Ahmad Khateeb, by Palestinian security forces on Friday 6/6/2014. Khateeb was severely beaten while covering a sit-in of women calling for the release of an activist in front of the Palestinian Intelligence Services headquarters in Tulkarem city, northern West Bank.


Khateeb told MADA that a plainclothes security officer approached him while he was about to start filming the set-in to tell him that filming was forbidden. Khateeb explained that he is a journalist but the man did not pay attention and instead tried to confiscate his camera.


As Khateeb tried to resist, a group of security officers attacked him and hit him violently in the neck, chest and head, “They tried to arrest me but the women present at the sit-in intervened to prevent the arrest. One of the officers eventually told me to leave, which I did, they confiscated my camera”.


MADA demands an investigation on the attack against Khateeb as well as to hold accountable all those responsible for the attack. MADA also demands an end to all the violations against journalists, and calls on the new unity government to protect human rights, in particular freedom of expression and media freedoms, as guaranteed by the Palestinian Basic Law.