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"MADA":Israel stopped ” good morning Jerusalem” program

Ramallah-6/6/2014: Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom, MADA ,condemns the raiding of occupation forces the place where” Sabah Al-Khair Ya Quds” good morning Jerusalem Program was being filmed, and they forced the staff to stop broadcasting .They arrested the program director of  production , Nadir Paprs, the cameraman of Pal Media agency ,Ashraf Al- Shweeki, and one of the guests ,claiming that the program is not licensed ,and it's inciting against Israeli occupation.


The director of the program ,Mai Abu Asab, told MADA that Israeli occupation forces raided the headquarter of the studio , where the program was being filmed , in Jerusalem, which was broadcasted live, they told them to stop immediately filming,

and they arrested her colleagues, Paprs and Al-Shweeki, whom were released  after a half and an hour from interrogation. Mai said :"All the  accusations against the program , it is illegal ,not licensed and inciting against Israeli occupation , are not true at all, since we have been broadcasting for five years through Pal Media company which is licensed in the city.". Mai said also that Israeli told  her colleagues that a complaint will be submitted  against the administration  of the program.


Moreover, Israeli occupation forces also attacked the freelance journalist ,Hamdi Abu Rahme , by severe beating . They erased all the photos taken by his camera ,and its  lens was broken while he was covering the events of the weekly march in baleen village west of  Ramallah. Mr. Abu Rahme told MADA an Israeli soldiers had approached near him , and they ordered him to stop filming, giving them his camera. Since he refused that, 6 Israeli soldiers attacked him , and he was beaten in a violent way. They aimed the gun towards his head and his camera was taken forcibly. Abu Rahme added :" They beaten me violently , using there hands and the bottoms of the guns. They also erased all the photos taken by the camera of my freelance colleague ,Haitham Al-Khateeb .".


MADA confirms that this violation is a complement of Israeli occupation practices which aim to hide the truth on Israeli occupation practices against  the occupied Jerusalem city and its citizens. MADA  demands the international community to quickly put  an end for Israeli violations on media freedom.