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Israeli settlers attack 3 Palestinian journalists

Ramallah-8th March 2013:yesterday afternoon near the settlement of Beit Eil, north of Ramallah, a group of Israeli settlers attacked three photojournalists. Abbas Momani – Photographer at France Press agency reported to The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA):

 "I went to cover the clashes happening near the Israeli settlement of Beit Eil, and before I arrived to the site, I was surprised by armed settlers, they attacked my car and began throwing large stones at it from within a walking distance, and I remained inside the car. The Occupation soldiers did not interfere to prevent it or stop it, and the settlers were moved away by the soldiers after they caused major damage to my car. Luckily I only got minor injuries in my left hand, but they caused major damage to the car, the windshield was crashed and many parts of the car were damaged. I am going to make a formal complaint against the settlers tomorrow”.

Maath Misha’al – photgrapher at Anatolia Agency reported that he and a colleague a freelance photographer Abdul Karim Mesetif were also attacked while trying to capture the attack on their colleague Momani. Misha’al reported to MADA:

“While I was shooting the attack on Momani, a group of arm settlers attacked me and my colleague Mesetif, where one began to beat us and put his hand on the camera lens to prevent us from coverage, and told us that photography is prohibited, and I told him you are not entitled to prevent us and you do not have the authority to do so, he pointed the gun at me, and the situation was scary, so I screamed at the Israeli army, and they moved him away”.

Misha’al also reported that the army did nothing during the attack on Momani, but he received a call from the Israeli police around seven o'clock in evening, asking him to hand over the video tape that documented the settlers attack in order to hold them accountable.

MADA condemns this attack, and calls on the international community to force the Israeli Occupation Forcesto stop the occupation troops and settlers attacks on Palestinian journalists.



Photo By: Maath Misha'al