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MADA: Israel forces Sheraa TV to stop broadcasting

Ramallah – 6th February 2014: Sheraa TV a local station in Tulkarem City was forced to stop broadcasting after receiving numerous threats by the Israeli Occupation Authorities during the last week.


Sheraa TV general director Mohamed Zeidan reported to MADA that they received numerous threats from the IOF all through the last week, that they must stop broadcasting immediately because the broadcasting disturbs the "Ben-Gurion" airport near the city of Al-lid, and Israeli communications. Zeidan adds that they consulted a number of technicians from the Palestinian Ministry of Communications and Al-Najah University, who confirmed that the devices do not cause any interference. After they presented the Palestinian liaison center with proof certificates, the IOF dropped its claims and said that the broadcasting was interfering with an Israeli TV broadcasting.


Israeli Occupation Authorities had made several complaints to the Palestinian liaison since Wednesday 29th January 2014; to stop Sheraa TV broadcasting otherwise they will force it. Zeidan adds: “We have taken the decision to stop broadcasting two days ago until we find a solution to this issue, because it is no stranger to the occupation authorities to raid media outlets and confiscate broadcasting equipment, which cost us a fortune”.


This is not the first incident where the IOF pressures Palestinian Radio and TV stations, raids and confiscates equipments, claiming the broadcasting interferes with the airport and communications.  MADA has issued a special report with details on the Targeting of Palestinian Media Outlets by the IOF, where during the period from 2008 until mid 2012 the  IOF broke into the 11 different media outlets, confiscated equipment from 14 outlets, and destructed and bombed 7 headquarters for Palestinian and international media outlets, Which caused media outlets great financial losses worth millions of dollars.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns this Occupation tactics and procedures to stop Sharaa TV broadcasting for the benefit of an Israeli TV station. We call all countries and human rights organizations, to pressure Israel to respect freedom of expression, and a commit to international laws and agreements signed with the Palestinian National Authority in this regard.