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MADA: Journalists attacked by the Canadian Prime Minister Guard

Ramallah – 20th January 2014: The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the attack on Al-Mahid TV cameraman Amer Hijazi. Hijazi was attacked by the Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper’s Security Guard this morning in the city of Bethlehem.  


Mousa Al Shaer/ Journalist reported to MADAthat he went with about 7 of his colleagues to cover Harper's visit, after coordination with the Department of Information in the Office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. When they arrived to Bethlehem at the Nativity Church, the Canadian press and media accompanying Harper were allowed entrance first by his Guards, and then they allowed the Palestinian Press and journalists to enter the Church.


Al Shaer added: “once we entered the church we were prevented from filming, so we protested against that, but the guard punched Al-Mahid TV cameraman Amer Hijazi by a metal piece on his fist to Hijazi’s chest. Al Shaer also reported that the journalists are protesting against the attack on their colleague in front of the Nativity church right now. 


The vice president of the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate Nasser Abu Bakir reported to MADAthat the Syndicate calls on all journalists not to cover Harper’s visit, and they are demanding a formal apology by Harper to the Palestinian Journalists.


We (MADA) condemn this attack that is a violation of freedom of expression, and we demand the Canadian government to investigate the incident and to hold the aggressor accountable.




picture source: google