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MADA: the Israeli Occupation Forces attacks journalists in Jerusalem



Ramallah – 25th September 2013: the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the attacks by the Israeli Occupation Forces IOF on journalists, by beating them, targeting them with sound bombs, and spraying them with blue colored waste water, during their coverage of the protests against the ongoing incursions of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, at The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem yesterday 24th September 2013.

Palestine Public TV cameraman Nader Baybars reported to MADA that no journalist was safe from the IOF attacks, and he stressed that the soldiers were brutal to the journalists, where they fired sound bombs and sprayed blue colored waste water at them. Baybars added: “the demonstrators and journalists were sprayed with blue colored waste water, and when we ran away I fell on the stairs and was bruised, many of my colleagues’ cameras were damaged due to the waste water, such as Pal Media photographer Isaq Kasba (he was sprayed heavily with water) and Alquds newspaper photographer Suliman Khadir. My Palestine Public TV coworkers Khalil Khadir and Mohamed A’shoo both got injured by sound bombs in their hands and were treated on site. Ahmed Albediri the correspondent of BBC suffered severe suffocation that affected his vocal cords by two sound bombs which landed between his feet, and he was transferred to a hospital for treatment”.

Diala Jwehan the correspondent of Alquds Net reported to MADA that the suppression of journalists was clear and direct while we were covering the protest and during the confrontations that followed and lasted for about 4 hours. Jwehan added: “We were pushed and beaten with batons, where we stood and formed a large group. Most of the journalists' cameras were damaged due to the water they sprayed on us”.

MADA stresses the need to hold the occupation accountable for its continued violations against journalists, and its violation of all international conventions and laws that protect journalists during their coverage of the events, and we (MADA) call on the international community to move quickly to protect Palestinian journalists.