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MADA: over 500 Palestinian violations against media freedoms in Palestine since the Fatah-Hamas Division


These days encounter the painful anniversary of the internal Palestinian division in mid-June 2007, where the Palestinian people are still suffering from its very bad and negative effects. journalists and Palestinian media was exposed to a great deal of those effects, where they were subjected to massive violations which included arrest, torture, beatings, detention, and repeated calls for investigation, in addition to the closure of media outlets, the prevention of journalists from collaborating together, and the prevention of distributing daily newspapers.


The number of violations monitored by “MADA" against journalists and the media, which were committed by different Palestinian sides since the beginning of the division, reached beyond 500 violations, a large number by all standards, and indicates the extent of the negative effects of the split, which led to the promotion of self-censorship among journalists, and media outlets, which also led to the low level of Palestinian media professionalism. It is unfortunate that some media outlets have contributed in fueling the division even before it occurred, and then strengthened it, a fact that was demonstrated clearly in MADA Center study on "the role of media in promoting the division”.


Despite the improvement in the status of media freedoms in the past year and in the first months of the current year, the serious violations against journalists during the past month does not promise serious breakthroughs in the status of media freedoms, especially with the stalled efforts to implement a reconciliation. 


The large number of Palestinian violations does not make us forget that the main violator and the most dangerous on media freedoms in Palestine “the Israeli occupation and its settlers”, which committed more than 800 violations during the same period, including the killing of eight journalists.


On this painful anniversary, MADA’s team would like to renew their demands to end the division and its negative impact on the media, not to push journalists and the media in this division, to stop the arrests of journalists, and the censorship of social media, and we demand the implementation of the resolutions by the Freedom Commission, in particular to allow newspapers to circulate in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, we also call on media outlets to promote a culture of dialogue and civil peace.