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MADA welcomes the release of Khalid and Mona and condemns depriving journalists from coverage in Gaza


Ramallah - 10/24/2012: The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) welcomed the release of bureau Felesteen newspaper director office in the West Bank Walid Khalid, and correspondent of Quds press news agency Mohamed  Mona, Wednesday (10/24/2012) on bail , and reaffirms the need to stop the prosecution and detention of journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


 Walid Khaled was arrested in 18/09/2012 from his home in the village of Iskaka -Salfit  by the Preventive Security Service, while Mohammed Mona was arrested in 19/09/2012 from his home in the city of Nablus, by the same apparatus, their case has been followed up by MADA legal unit, and  we demanded their release more than once.


From other side MADA condemns  the attack on a journalist as he tried to cover the visit of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani to the Gaza Strip, and  express concern from depriving a lot of journalists from covering the visit, on Tuesday (10/22/2012), where the selection of a limited number from the media for coverage, which  deprives the rest  of media outlets and journalists from performing their professional duty.


We see in the denial or preventing journalists from covering the events which is repeated more than once, whether in Gaza Strip  or the West Bank, violation of  media freedoms, and demand an end to these practices and enable journalists to work freely, taking into account the arrangements taken by the concerned authorities relating to each event, if there is  any .