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MADA: Occupation Authorities Extend Detention of Journalist Israa Salhab



Ramallah – 22 November 2011: Israeli occupation authorities yesterday extended the detention order of Quds TV “Ahrar” Program Presenter Israa Salhab until Friday 25 November 2011 without charge.  


Israeli occupation police arrested Salhab on Wednesday 16 November 2011, after summoning her for investigation at their headquarters in Jerusalem. Her brother Suhaib Salhab informed MADA that the Israeli court in Jerusalem yesterday issued the decision to extend her detention until 25 November without pressing any formal charges.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) strongly condemns the arrest and continued detention of journalists Israa Salhab and Raed Al-Sherif, who was arrested on 14 November 2011. MADA calls upon all concerned international bodies to exercise real pressure on occupation authorities and demand the immediate release of Salhab, Al-Sherif and all other journalists who remain in Israeli custody.