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MADA Center launches a campaign on Cyber Crimes Law

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) launched a media campaign against the Cyber Crimes Law on Tuesday (24-10-2017), which was issued by a Presidential Decree (No. 16 of 2017), the beginning of last July without consultation with civil society, which affects in most of its articles blatantly the freedom of expression and privacy. The law came into force immediately after its publication and was used to charge journalists and activists after their arrest under Article 20.


Mousa Rimawi, General Director of MADA, said that the campaign was launched initially on the social media, and will continue through the dissemination of various media materials through audio and visual media outlets, In order to contribute to mobilizing popular and institutional pressure against this law so that the demands of journalists and media institutions and eligibility to amend it in line with the Palestinian Basic Law, the International conventions which Palestine has acceded without reservation, and the international standards that guarantee the freedom of opinion and expression, also to raise awareness of the dangers of this version of the law.


Rimawi also said that we welcome the meeting held on Tuesday (24-10-2017) between the Ministry of Justice, government partners, and civil society organizations including the MADA Center to discuss the amendments proposed by civil society organizations to the Electronic Crimes Law. We hope that this will be a serious step towards bringing out a law that conforms to the basic law and international standards and enhance freedom of expression, we also hope that the executive authority will respond to the demand to freeze the law until the necessary amendments are made.