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MADA wraps up the third training workshop on digital rights for journalists in Ramallah

On Wednesday, 18/10/2017, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) wrapped up its third training workshop on the protecting of digital rights for journalists, which lasted for two days in the city of Ramallah targeting a group of journalists and media students.


The training dealt with the right of journalists and activists to access the Internet, obtain information through it, and participate in digital media networks, and the advanced technology in this field especially relating to media work and journalism.


The first day was held by media expert in the field of digital rights Mr. Mamoun Matar, who tackled the definitions of digital rights and digital media, how to deal with those being a fundamental human right and the challenges faced by digital rights, especially at the local level. The workshop also discussed the right to communication using modern technologies (digital media) and the inseparable relationship between digital rights and citizenship. The trainer also pointed to the most important digital rights that need to be secured in Palestine, safe Internet access and the right to privacy. The training also addressed abuses related to publishing and sharing of information through social networking sites.


The second day of the training workshop was carried out by Mr. Murad Al-Sabi’a, who dealt with the differences between digital media and other types of traditional media, the use of digital media in our day and time, what digital media has to add to the content and how to use the digital media to attract and increase the impact on public audience and the means needed by the media user to becoming influential.


At the end of the training, participants expressed the importance of carrying out such exercises and the need for local journalists to obtain information and training about media and digital rights as a modern technology at the local level, especially with the technological developments in the field of media at the international level. Participants called for more similar courses to strengthen their capacity in this area, especially in the technical field and the optimal use of social networking sites by journalists.


The training was funded by the European Endowment for Democracy, and is part of a series of activities implemented by the MADA Center to promote awareness and knowledge of digital rights, particularly for local journalists.