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Check out MADA’s smart app that updates you on media freedoms

Ramallah – 23/4/2015:the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) launched a smart application, which helps (journalists and whoever is interested in media freedoms) to be updated on issues pertaining media freedoms in Palestine by following MADA’s latest reports and researches, it is also a tool to report any media freedoms violations or violations of freedom of expression.


Mr. Mousa Rimawi, MADA’s general director: “This application is part of MADA’s efforts to provide a modern and easy tool that enables journalists wherever they are to report any violation, or send pictures of violations against journalists and the media. It is also a tool that enables journalists  and interested persons and institutions  to obtain any information, statistics, research issued by MADA, which they may need when preparing their reports and related cover stories”.


MADA’s app is free for IOS and Android, and it’s a way to connect journalists with MADA’s lawyers for any consultation or if in need for legal defense. 

To reach the application through Android:

To reach the application through IOS: